Milano: your film set

Milano: your film set



In order to shoot photos, a film, a short film, a video clip, a TV spot, a documentary etc. in the city center (please, see attached Map, Streets list ), in parks, green areas, civic museums or in buildings belonging to the City of Milan, you will need a specific authorization released by 

Settore Gabinetto del Sindaco
Servizio Amministrativo Contabilità e Contributi 

by filling out the form (on line or attached)
with revenue stamp for €. 16,00.


Payment of fees

Fees depend on the kind of shooting and  
the shooting time slots (08am/02pm-02pm/08pm-08pm/08am):

- photographic shootings: €. 103,00 + 22% VAT (*) for each time slot
- cinema and TV shooting: €. 444,00 + 22% VAT (*) for each time slot.

(*) For European Union applicants, pursuant to art. 7ter DPR no. 633/1972 and subsequent amendments, VAT will have to be paid in their Country of origin.

Prior to withdrawing the final authorization document, payment can be made: 
by Bank transfer
either in cash or by Cashier's cheque (made out to Comune di Milano) handed to: 
Civica Ragioneria
Ufficio Sportello Riscossioni

Piazza Scala n.3 (entrata Via S.Pellico n.16) - 2° piano - stanza 67.

Cautionary deposit if requested are to be paid together with fees, only in cash or by Cashier's cheque as stated above.

The above mentioned fees have not to be paid in case of:

  • shootings are requested or sponsored by the City of Milan;
  • shootings are made by Public Institutions;
  • shootings are made by Non Profit Organizations (non commercial advertising, film and photography schools exercises, amateur shootings, such     as the ones made to take part in competitions, awards or cultural festivals);
  • shootings are made to exercise the right to information;
  • shootings are made for TV or cinema medium length films and feature films, TV series, documentaries etc., both for entertainment or cultural productions

upon presentation of documents certifying belonging to one of the categories listed above.


OSAP Fee (Occupation of Public Space fee)

Payment of the OSAP fee is also due to the Local Police Department competent for the area, where the shootings will take place, if the equipments surpass the size of ½ square metre.

Occupations required for movie sets are exempt by paying the OSAP fees, but had to obtain the granting of area or Interdepartmental Committee assessment, submitting an application in advance (at least 30 days prior) to:

Settore Gestione Occupazione Suolo Catasto e Sit
Via Larga n.12 - piano terra
On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
2.30 p.m./ 4.30 p.m.
ph. 02.884-67583, 02.884-45865
fax 02.884-65090 - 45873


Scheduled time

Timings to evaluate applications may vary from 3 to 15 working days (not including the day of arrival of the request), depending on the specific equipment (e.g. heavy equipments) and/or on the specific needs (e.g. “No Parking” signs, etc.).

The application form should be handed in at least within 15 working days before the date of the shootings (request day excluded).
In specific locations or during specific periods of the year restrictions may apply due to public security or public interest reasons.



Shooting with the use of drones may be authorized only if there are

  • Milan Prefecture Permission
  • Authorize ENAC
  • Insurance
  • Driving licence for the use of the drone

The practice shall be submitted at least 15 days before the day of the shoot.



All car vehicles will have to be parked respecting the normal city traffic regulations.

For the parking of special vehicles weighing more than 3.500 kilos (e.g. filming equipped truck, satellite van, power producing units vans) or in case a roadblock or the positioning of “No Parking” street signs or else is required, it is necessary to attach a specific and detailed request form. (We remind you that any “No Parking” street signs shall be positioned by the applicant 48 hours before the event will take place).

If motor vehicles are allowed to enter a park, and if requested, you will need to produce a description sheet of each of the vehicles and their car-plate numbers.


For information please contact:

-    in the city centre, in parks, green areas, civic museums or in buildings belonging to the City of Milan

Settore Gabinetto del Sindaco
Servizio Amministrativo Contabilità e Contributi
(by appointment only)
Piazza Scala n. 2
20121 Milano
Ph. +39 02 88450382
fax +39 02 88450640


-    for other areas

Direzione Centrale Sicurezza Urbana e Coesione Sociale
Polizia Locale - Ufficio Manifestazioni
Via Beccaria n.19
20121 Milano
8.30 a.m. – 12.30 a.m. e 2.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Ph. +39 02 77270342 / 3


All information and data will be held according to the Legislative Decree on Privacy no. 196/2003. The provided information data may be handled and processed also through computer. The City of Milan is the holder of the information, the Direttore del Settore Gabinetto del Sindaco is responsible for the treatment of information data. The employees of Servizio Amministrativo Contabilità e Contributi are in charge of handling and processing of the data.