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Offices and Useful Numbers

Immigration Portal of the Ministery of Internal Affairs

Provides general information about permits to stay in English, French, Spanish and Arabic, such as:

  • Permanent Permit to Stay (Carta di Soggiorno) for non-EU citizens

  • Issue and renewal of the Foreigner’s Permit to Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno per Stranieri)

  • Requests to be presented to the Immigration Offices of the Police Department (Uffici Immigrazione delle Questure).

It is possibile to check on the progress of the issue/renewal of the Permit to Stay:

  • by going through the Immigrant Portal to the address indicated under Links on this page

  • by telephoning the toll-free number: 848.855.888


Sportello Unico for Immigration – Prefetture of Milan

Provides information and accepts the applications submitted to the Post offices to obtain documents and Permits to Stay. More specifically, this office deals with:

- procedures for the entrance of foreigners into Italy
- issuing the Permit to Stay
- family unification
- work authorizations
- knowledge of Italian language’s Test.

The sportello is located on:
corso Monforte, 31
20122 Milan


Immigration Office – Questura (Police) of Milan

Provides information about the progress of applications and notifies immigrants when they are to pick up their documents which are sent on to the Prefetture from the Post offices. The Questura has three offices, each with different competencies and opening hours:

  • via Montebello, 26

  • via Cagni, 21

  • viale Certosa, 7.

For information please consult the website or call the operator.

It is possible to ask for assistance in filling out the forms from an authorized municipality or a Patronato. See list on the home page of the Immigration Portal


Poste Italiane (Post Office) – Application Kit for the Permit to Stay

As of 11 December 2006, a new procedure for the issue/renewal of the Permit to Stay tranfers the administrative responsibilty from the Police Department to authorized Post offices, through the use of a specific application kit.

To obtain the issue or renewal of the principal permits

  • adoption, custody, updating the long stay paper (Carta di Soggiorno),

  • change of address for the Permit to Stay

  • change in marital status

  • additions for children

  • change of passport

  • waiting period for employment

  • citizenship application in progress

  • renewal for political asylum

  • long stay paper (Carta di Soggiorno) for non EU citizens

  • EU Permit to Stay for long time residents

  • duplicate copy of Permit to Stay

  • permit for family unification

  • family minor 14-18 years old

  • self-work

  • work for particular instances (article 27 Legislative Decree 25.07.1998, n. 286)

  • seasonal dependent work

  • missionary, religious reasons

  • elective residence

  • scientific research

  • renewal of Permit for those who do not possess citizenship of any nation

  • permit for study

  • permit for professional training apprenticeships

  • non EU Permit to Stay for long time residents (formerly the carta di soggiorno)

an application kit may be picked up from any post office FREE of charge, and must be submitted to one of the 5332 authorized post offices (see the list on the home page of the Immigration Portal).

For information on the authorized post offices, call the toll-free number 803.160 from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Service Services for Adults and Policies for Immigration - Municipality of Milan
(Servizio Servizi per adulti e politiche per l'immigrazione - Comune di Milano)

Administration of the city offices dedicated to foreign citizens:
- City Shelters
- information points for foreigners.

Orientation and assistance for immigrants:
- social services and legal assistance
- consultation on jobs and job training.

The office is in:
via S. Erlembaldo, 4


  • for migrants living in District  1, 2 e 3
    Tuesday, Thursday 9:00 - 12 AM
    max admittance: 6 people

  • for migrants living in other Districts
    Monday  1:30 - 4:30 PM
    Tuesday, Thursday  9:00 - 12 AM
    max admittance: 15 people


Sportelli anagrafici - Municipality of Milan (Comune di Milano)

Provides information on vital records, submission of complaints.

The Sportelli Anagrafici are located in the following offices:

  • via Larga, 12 (Zona 1)

  • via Padova, 118 (Zona 2)

  • via Sansovino, 9 (Zona 3)

  • viale Ungheria, 29 (Zona 4)

  • via Oglio, 18 (Zona 4)

  • via Tibaldi, 41 (Zona 5)

  • via Boifava, 17 (Zona 5)

  • viale Legioni Romane, 54 (Zona 6)

  • piazzale Stovani, 3 (Zona 7)

  • via Paravia, 26 (Zona 7)

  • via Quarenghi, 21 – Bonola (Zona 8)

  • via Baldinucci, 76 (Zona 9)

  • largo De Benedetti, 1 (Zona 9)

  • via G.B. Passerini, 5 (Zona 9)