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By train

Thanks to its extraordinary location, Milan is a strategic railway hub. The advantage is that one can arrive in the city without having to make any transfers and from here it is possible to travel to principle Italian and European cities, directly and easily. Furthermore, Milan has invested in the high-velocity technology Frecciarossa, the Italian train that connects Milan southbound with Florence, Bologna and Rome (three hours and 30 minutes) and east/westbound with Turin.

The city has numerous railway stations at its disposal, the most important being Centrale, Lambrate and Garibaldi. From Stazione Centrale (Central Station) trains depart for all Italian and European destinations, while the others function as an important hub for regional services.

Furthermore, in the middle of the city, beside Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle), there is Cadorna station. It is managed by the Ferrovie Nord group and represents an important regional railway siding.


This network, also used by the Passante Ferroviario, which functions in a similar manner to an urban underground line and services numerous underground stations in the centre of Milan, such as Repubblica and Garibaldi Passante. Moreover, it connects the city with important tourist locations and the international airport Malpensa. With the “Nord” railway, trains run to Como station, just a short distance from the lake, as well as Canzo in upper Brianza, Varese and Laveno on Lake Maggiore.

Since May 3, 2011 suburban and regional rail service, the Malpensa Express service and cross-border service Como-Chiasso and Malpensa-Bellinzona are managed solely by the company Trenord, founded by Trenitalia (Lombardy Regional Division) and LeNORD (Group FNM), in order to streamline and improve rail service in Lombardy.



1. with the SBB Swiss Railways network (official website):

Travelers to Milan with SBB will have a 50% discount on admission to some of the most prestigious exhibitions in the city: please CLICK HERE for all the info.

2. with the SNCF French railways (official website):

Passengers travelling to Milan with the TGV network will have a 50% discount on admission to the Keith Haring exhibition at Palazzo Reale.

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