Ciak Si Guida - Film Contest

Ciak Si Guida - Film Contest

About Ciak Si Guida

Ciak x Edizione

10th Edition

The 10th edition of  the international film contest "Ciak si Guida", promoted by Milan Local Police, ended on April, 7th 2017

The award ceremony was held at “Dal Verme” Theatre in Milan.

Our initiative, which is now into its 10th edition, pursues the ambitious goal of directly involving young people as protagonists, directors and authors of short spots aimed to promoting positive messages on the crucial road safety theme.

The novelty of this edition has been the partecipation of the international schools, which enthusiastically joined the initiative, thanks to the precious collaboration of the Consulate of Milan and Lombardy.

The project is patronized by European Commission, MIUR, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Anci, Pubblicità Progresso, Fedic, Giffoni Experience and Giffoni Vallepiana Municipality.

The theme of the 10th edition, which young people discussed and experimented about, was:


Sharing the use of the road enviroment - The different characters of the road.


At the end of the event, the Milan Local Police Commander Antonio Barbato launched the theme of the next edition:

"A colourful road".

We’ll be waiting for you all next year!!!

Here are the winners:


1st place: “Il test del prof.”  - I.T.I. “Enrico Medi”, San Giorgio a Cremano (Napoli)
2nd place: “Ci sono anche io” - I.I.S. “Ferrini-Franzosini, Verbania
3rd place “Il talento” - Istituto Tecnico Multimediale “Einaudi”, Ferrara


1st place: “Rispetta le regole…rispetta la vita!” - Istituto Comprensivo “De Gasperi”, San Donato Milanese (Milano)
2nd place: “Rewind” - Istituto Comprensivo “Teodoro Bonati”, Ferrara
3rd place: “Tg Guido” - Istituto Comprensivo Voltri 1 – Sezione Staccata Mele, Mele (Genova)


1st place: “Cervello sempre acceso and…come together” - Istituto Maria Ausiliatrice, Milano
2nd place: “Pokemon…NO!” – Scuola primaria Monsignor Sante Tiozzo,  Portoviro (Rovigo)
3rd place: “Sulla strada non siamo soli. Pensiamoci” - Istituto Comprensivo Galvani, Milano


1st place: “Sulla strada non sei solo” - Bloom International College
2nd place: “The last step” - “St. Joseph International College”
3rd place: “Sulla strada, fai una cosa alla volta” - Deuctsche Schule Mailand

ROAD SAFETY EDUCATION OFFICE SPECIAL PRIZE: “Il sobrio, l’ubriaco, lo speedy - Liceo Artistico “Bruno Munari”, Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

CONTRALCO SPECIAL PRIZE: “La sicurezza è fragile” - Liceo Artistico “Bruno Munari”, Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

FEDIC SPECIAL PRIZE: “Segnali animati” - I.S.I.I.S. Magarotto, Torino

GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL SPECIAL PRIZE: “Attento oggi per vivere domani” - Liceo Scientifico “Niccolò Macchiavelli”, Soriano Calabro (VV)

PUBBLICITA’ PROGRESSO SPECIAL PRIZE: “Sulla strada gli errori non si possono cancellare” - I.C. “Don Milani” – Sede Calvino, Vimercate (MB) 

Who We Are

vigile storico

Our History

In Italy there are various Police Forces with different roles, among whom there’s the Local Police.
In Milan, Local Police was born on the 4th October,  1860.
It was made up of 50 agents, called“Survegliant”. They wore a very elegant blue uniform, with a top hat,  black gloves, a rattan walking stick and the gun hidden below the jacket, not to hurt the sensibility of the population, still remembering the domination ages. The citizens kindly welcomed those agents, calling them familiarly “ghisa”, probably because of the shape of their uniform, which could remember a ghisa (a sort of iron) stove.

In the next seventy years many changes happened, the number of agents reached the  800 units and the Major entrusted their management to a Chief and two inspectors.  The roles of motorcyclist and horsemen agents were founded too.
Since 1959 to date the General Quarter of Milan Local Police is the “Palazzo del Capitano di Giustizia” located in Via Beccaria, 19, in the center of Milan.

The traffic agents began to study new techniques to detect car crashes with the use of cameras and to improve manual traffic regulation, becoming the first manual traffic lights.

Milan Local Police is always in first line to help people struck by natural calamities.
In 1976 there was a very important innovation with the entrance of first woman in Milan Local Police Force.
The city of Milan has changed in many ways so far, It became an international and multicultural city with new problems to solve. And also its Local Police has changed with it, always trying to help people to live in the best way possible.

About our Job

Today, Milan Local Police can count on nearly 3000 units between Agents and Officers.
We work on 4 shifts and 24/7, 365 days per year, with a number of agents which can change on the base of daily needs.

The service is on the local territory with planned or urgent activities, by car or motorcycle, in uniform or by plain-clothes.

Our aim is to prevent and to suppress administrative torts and criminal offences.
Citizens can contact Our Control Room, 24/7, calling the telephone number 02.0208, for every helping request.

Road Safety Education

The Street Education Story of the Local Police of Milan represents a ladyship inside the corps and it is a reality of high educational level, recognized in national and international ambit.

It was born in 1966 afterwards the necessity to talk with children in the schools, to sensitize them towards the theme of street security and the respect of the conduct rules of the Traffic Laws.

Therefore, in those years, the commander decided to found an official office of street education, the first in Italy, that should have realized training modules to propose to the students of the schools of Milan.

In these fifty years of activity, the projects of street education have been updated, diversified and implemented; the instructor agents have increased their experience and professionalism, contributing to widely spread the street security culture.

Actually the projects and the paths of Street Education organized by the Local Police of Milan are addressed to the primary schools, elementary schools, secondary schools, high schools, the student’s parents, pediatric hospital wards and adults.

Since the school year 2015/2016, some of these projects, required by the Italian and international schools, are developed in English.
All of the courses are free and consist in meetings finalized to sensitize and transmit the street security culture, in the respect of the European regulations, and obeying the Traffic Laws and the Ordinance of the Public Instruction Ministry, that establish the obligation of the street education in the schools.

All of the courses have got in common the following objectives:

  • Illustrate the risk factors in the street ambit;
  • Impart the basic concept of the street security;
  • Deepen the regulation of the street circulation theme;
  • Promote the legality culture;
  • Approach the young to the institutions and mostly to the Local Police


Ufficio di Gabinetto
Segreteria “Ciak Si Guida”

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