Temporary occupancies

Temporary occupancies

In case of temporary occupancies of public areas (shows, ceremonies, parties, celebrations, meetings, congresses, exhibits) – streets or pavements, parks – for private or public events, you need to have an authorization issued by the Servizio Occupazione Suolo/Sottosuolo Pubblico, using one of the forms attached at the bottom of this web page.

More specifically, in case of simple occupancies, which are nor logos promotions neither commercial activities and/or sales, you must use the form named “A”.

Differently, in case of public areas occupancies which are naturally ads and/or commercial activities, sales, performances, you must use the form named “B”

For any other information you must go to the web page “Occupazione Suolo Pubblico > Nuove funzionalità del Punto Unico di Ingresso per manifestazioni ed eventi su Suolo Pubblico”

Punto Unico di Ingresso – via Larga, 12, ground floor, “Salone entrance” – Open to public: Mondays thru Thursdays; 9 am to 12 am   
Only to present the forms named “A” also at the Protocollo Generale – via Larga, 12, ground floor – Open to public: Mondays thru Fridays; 8,30 am to 3,30 pm (no information are given) 

All applications must be personally presented 30 days before the first of occupancy. 


  • One Euro 16,00.= stamp to apply on your request;
  • One Euro 16,00.= stamp to apply on the authorization 
  • Charges for secretarial*
  • COSAP fee (you need to see the bottom of the page for more details)
  • Guarantee, when due

*Since 1st may 2013 the charges for secretarial due for applications on the forms named “B” are  Euro 60,00.= as mentioned in the City Council Act n. 623 issued on 5th April 2013.

Please note: the applications on the forms named “A” or B” in the following listed locations are subjected to the approval of the Comitato Interassessorile, as they’re historical and monumental places: 

Piazza del Duomo
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
Piazza San Babila
Via, Loggia e piazza Mercanti
Piazza della Scala
Piazza del Liberty
Piazza San Fedele
Piazza San Carlo
Piazza Castello
Via Dante
Via Beltrami
Arco della Pace
Parco Sempione
Giardini Montanelli
Piazza Duca d’Aosta
Piazza Santo Stefano
Galleria del Corso
Piazza Beccaria
Piazza degli Affari
Piazza Pio XI
Piazzetta Croce Rossa 

  • On all forms used for the applications you must indicate if the location chosen is a monumental place, and for, subjected to the Monuments and Fine Arts Office sphere of action. To help you see if the location you have chosen is considered a monumental area you can click on “Servizi on line” > Bandi e avvisi di gara/Pubblicazioni urbanistiche Piano Regolatore on line >  Consulta il portale cartografico > Vai alla mappa“ , then insert the name of the street and click on the icon “PRG”. This way you have found information on the location. 
  • As for the people interested in practicing the street jobs “operatori dell’ingegno”, prior to apply for public area temporary occupancies, you must have joined on the related list, named “Albo degli Operatori dell’Ingegno”, whose information and application are available at the Settore Commercio SUAP e Attvità Produttive. For further information you can view the website at the link “Fareimpresa.comune.milano.it > elenco attività >  attività artigianali > operatori del proprio ingegno e dei mestieri storici di strada” 


Hines Italia spa company was charged of the commitment of the ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance of the square ground, in piazza Gae Aulenti.
For, whoever is interested in organizing events and applying for temporary occupancy in that location, aside normally applying to Servizio Occupazione Suolo, must get in contact with Coima Spa company – www.coima.it – phone number: 800011771, to deal with the terms and instructions of occupancy.
Servizio Occupazione Suolo, at the end of its own process, will issue the authorization to occupy piazza Gae Aulenti only after receiving the agreeing documents from Coima spa, in order to keep safe the ground of that area 
In case Coima spa asked for specific insurance policies of other guarantee types, the Servizio Occupazione Suolo will have to view a copy of the above insurance documents, which will have to be presented at the moment of the authorization delivery.  


The applications for temporary occupancy in Loggia dei Mercanti will have to be presented together with the permission to occupy of the ANPI – Associazione Nazionale Partigiani Italiani.


The applications for temporary occupancy in piazza San Carlo will have to be presented together with the permission to occupy of the Priore (Priest) of the Convento in San Carlo.

For any other queries on public areas temporary occupancies, it is possible to contact the Servizio Occupazione Suolo Pubblico calling the phone numbers: 039-02/884 45865 -  039-02/88467583, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday, from 2,30 pm to 4,30 pm.