Il San Giusto Training Center of the City of Milan welcomes, prepares, trains and orients to work people with disabilities from 18 years of age. 
The Center has an incoming orientation service, which consists of a preliminary cognitive interview with our operators, during which the training offer is illustrated and, based on the student's needs, a personalized route within the Center to develop the skills necessary forjob placement; alternatively the others are presented to students and families services and opportunities present on the territory.

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Courses can be accessed by making an appointment preliminary cognitive interview.

Contact center +02 884 41456 XNUMX (8:00am-15:30pm)
Interview appointment +02 884 41454 XNUMX (8:00am-13:00pm)
Secretary +02 884 48574 XNUMX (8:30am-15:30pm)
e-mail plo.sangiusto@comune.milano.it

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Strengthening of the San Giusto Work Training Center - #ponmetroMI projects

Watch the video to discover the intervention to strengthen the Work Training Center in via San Giusto 65, in the Municipality of Milan!
The works were made possible thanks to European funds PON Metro | Axis 4 – Infrastructure for social inclusion. The main objective of this project was to improve and make the structure of the Center in via San Giusto more efficient and, for over forty years a point of reference in the city for the training and employment of disabled people. In particular, by increasing its ability to offer professional qualification and retraining services in the catering field, through the renovation of the common spaces and the strengthening of the instrumental equipment necessary for the activity of the Teaching Kitchen of the Center itself.