What are Collaboration Agreements?

A collaboration agreement is an agreement with which active citizens and the Municipality of Milan identify urban common assets for which to start a regeneration intervention and a shared management project for their care.

The cornerstones of every project that leads to an agreement are the commitment and responsibility of the parties involved in carrying out the agreed and planned activities.

Here are the key words of the Collaboration Agreements:

  • Participation
  • Subsidiarity
  • Shared administration
  • Active citizenship
  • Common Good.

They are spaces and environments, open or closed, of the city that citizens can choose to take care of, whether they belong to the Municipality of Milan, or to private entities, if the owner gives his consent.

Today in our city green areas are cared for as common goods, from the flowerbed to the garden, streets, squares, places of transit, sports installations, assets confiscated from the mafia, hospital environments, abandoned areas and areas recovered for use. In this way, with their commitment, citizens redevelop these places, restore their original functions and often redesign them with new functions.

Even intangible objects can become common goods: for example the information data that the municipal administration produces and publishes in open format, or the investigation and knowledge activities that are useful for localized monitoring of the environment (citizen science).