Activate a collaboration agreement!

Active citizens, associations and informal groups can send a draft collaboration agreement at any time to the email:

The proposal must explain the project, and in particular:

  • identify the affected area;
  • present concrete aims and objectives of the project;
  • indicate the participating subjects;
  • present a rough plan of the planned activities, indicating the roles and tasks of each participant;
  • indicate the necessary material resources, specifying those already available and those requested from the Municipality.

The following must be attached to the draft agreement:

  • useful material for identifying the area, also found on the web (jpeg images, Google Maps, Earth);
  • copy of the front and back identity card or other valid identification document of the subscribers;
  • Statute and deed of incorporation of associations;
  • any necessary forms (see Forms).

The Participation Office begins the evaluation of the feasibility of the project together with the promoters, with the competent internal technical offices and with the Municipality. Ordinary checks normally concern, as appropriate:

  • Environmental conditions, such as the presence of ecological contamination;
  • The nature of the entertainment activities planned, for any authorizations;
  •  The presence of underground services;
  • Compatibility with pedestrian and vehicular mobility, for the issuing of any authorizations;
  • Compatibility with road safety;
  • The availability of useful services, such as water, electricity and sewage connections;
  • The need for tools and resources to be brought.

These activities normally require a month unless, to overcome the critical issues that have emerged, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the project.