A pact for Piazza Spoleto

A pact for Piazza Spoleto

The Municipality of Milan, through the Labsus Association - Laboratory for Subsidiarity, is coordinating the “A Pact for Piazza Spoleto” project which has the objective of starting an inclusive and equal discussion and dialogue on the future of the square, better known as Piazza Arcobalena, capable of contemplating the needs of everyone, residents and patrons, which involves the municipal administration, the town hall, local associations, the school world and traders.
The square is located in the Nolo neighborhood (acronym for “North of Loreto”) – a neighborhood that has undergone great changes in recent years.

In 2019, the square was the subject of a tactical urban planning intervention with the joint work of citizens and the Administration through the Open Squares project.
The process involves two phases: a first listening phase and a second phase of negotiation and construction of the proposed Collaboration Pact.
In the first phase, carried out by Piperà - people for environments, the subjects, individual and collective, most representative of the social context of the residents and users of the square were identified to start a needs analysis.
A second phase of negotiation will follow with public meetings led by Labsus with the collaboration of A Better Place, which will lead to a first draft proposal for a Collaboration Pact.

First meeting – Points of view, interests of the parties involved and values
When: Monday 5 December | from 18pm to 00pm
Where: We need a drink - Via Martiri Oscuri 3

Second meeting - What to do? Solutions and proposals for Piazza Spoleto
When: Monday 12 December | from 18pm to 00pm
Where: Hug Milan – Via Venini 83

Third meeting – Let's write the proposed Collaboration Agreement together
When: Thursday 15 December | from 18pm to 00pm
Where: IC Ciresola – via Venini 80

Fourth meeting – Roles, commitments and responsibilities
When: Monday 19 December | from 18pm to 00pm
Where: IC Ciresola – via Venini 80

Updated: 06/12/2022