At school alone

At school alone

Milan, 13 June 2023 - Two collaboration agreements between the Municipality of Milan and the 'Elsa Morante' primary schools in via Pini and 'Antonio Scarpa' in via Clericetti, to promote autonomy of movement and outdoor teaching as well common for the boys and girls of the ICS 'Scarpa' of Municipality 3, in the Lambrate district. 

With the two Pacts, coordinated and facilitated by Cooperativa Spaziopensiero, community awareness, training and tactical urban planning interventions will be carried out. In addition to the girls and boys, the involvement of teachers, parents, the neighborhood, and the municipal and municipal administration is expected. 

"We go to school alone" and "Outdoor classrooms" are born from the "Living in the city" program, launched in 2021 thanks to the partnership between the Caracol Association, Research and Intervention Codes, Cooperativa Spaziopensiero, the collaboration of the Hypereden Association and the support of Community Foundation. 
This is a project that focuses on the corporeity of girls and boys, facilitating the reappropriation of spaces through active citizenship paths with schools, families and the territory. 
The objective of finalizing the autonomy of movement for the little ones has seen broad and growing support since the experimental phase, leading to the participation of the entities that signed the pact, the Friends of the Cairoli and Scarpa schools Association, the Committee parents Elsa Morante, the Association VIVA! Valvassori Peroni, Brand for the City srl and Assimpredil-ANCE who financed the tactical urban planning interventions and involved the community. 

All the actors will now undertake to design a home/school path that is easily recognisable, to promote knowledge of the path through awareness meetings and educational courses aimed at the little ones and to organize moments and events centered precisely on this theme. 
Specifically, the project involves the creation of meeting points, continuity signs and support networks. Special identification signs, thanks for example to continuous coloring for both routes, and furnishings such as benches will allow for easier grouping of students. In addition, the school-friendly commercial activities will display flags applied in their shop windows, becoming milestones for the journey for the boys and girls. 
 For the creation of the teaching classrooms, however, which will be built by the Hypereden Association in collaboration with Municipality 3, the signatories of the Collaboration Pact are the 'Scarpa' Comprehensive Institute, the Municipality, the Association of Friends of the Cairoli Schools and Scarpa , the 'Elsa Morante' Parents Committee, the Oikos Institute and the Caracol Association. 
This is a project aimed at supporting learning that starts from one's own body and senses. The indispensable prerogatives are the presence and the possibility of exploring nature, the city, the world outside the classrooms and closed spaces of the school, to be achieved through the installation of furnishings (seats and blackboards) and identification elements, such as banners inside the Parco Folli and the school courtyard. 

credits Photo ☉☉ Luca Meola

Updated: 13/06/2023