President of the municipal council

The President of the Municipal Council represents the Municipal Council.

It is granted the powers of convening and directing the works and activities of the Council itself, as well as the further powers provided for by the Municipal Statute, by the Municipal Regulations and, in compliance with the latter, by the Internal Regulations of the Municipality.


Paola De Pascalis

The Reformists - We work for Milan with Sala

Born in Pavia, I have lived in the Procaccini/Sempione area for almost fifteen years. I am the mother of Enrico and Vittoria, who grow up in the schools and in the gardens of the town hall. 

Graduated in law, I have had some university research experiences, in Italy and abroad, including obtaining a doctorate in criminal law. I then dedicated myself to the freelance profession: I work as a criminal lawyer, with growing satisfaction, strongly believing in the role of the defender as a guarantee and safeguard of freedom and rights. Over the years, I then specialized in corporate criminal law and as a compliance expert. 

Politics is a passion that comes from afar, always in the area of ​​liberal socialism. I joined the Action project and, in the last local elections, I was elected municipal councilor with the Reformist list. Let's work for Milan with Sala

Updated: 02/12/2021