The Council: governing body of the Municipality

The Council, the executive body of the Municipality, is chaired by the President of the Municipality.

It is made up of three councilors appointed by the President of the Municipality. The councilors are simultaneously municipal councillors. Only one councilor of the three can be selected from among representatives of civil society.

The meetings of the Council are not public.

The Board has the task of:

  • implement the general guidelines established by the Municipal Council, in the governance of the Municipality
  • collaborate with the President of the Municipality and carry out actions that are not within the competence of the Council, the President of the Municipality and the managers
  • report annually on its activities to the Municipal Council and carry out proactive and impetus activities through collegial deliberations
  • prepare for the approval of the Municipal Council the proposal for an annual and three-year programmatic and forecast document in which the financial resources deemed necessary for the exercise of the functions attributed or delegated to the Municipality are identified
  • prepare the proposal for the allocation of revenues deriving from temporary concessions of vegetable gardens and municipal premises (multi-purpose spaces) or from sponsorships for events or activities organized by the Municipality which fall within the functions attributed or delegated to it
  • promote the initiatives necessary to encourage citizen participation in choices relevant to the municipal community and to inform them about the main municipal activities and decisions.

The Councillors

Fabio Galesi

Vice President and Councilor for Green and Environment, Public Works and Mobility, Security, Home and State Property, Small Ordinary Maintenance, Animal Protection

Veruska Eugenia Mandelli

Councilor for Culture, Citizenship and Participation, Commerce and Productive Activities, Civic and Cemetery Services, Tourism, Institutional Affairs

Serenella Calderara

Councilor for Welfare and Health, Multi-zonal Centre, Social Policies, Youth Policies, Equal Opportunities and Gender Policies, Relations with the Council and with Staff

Updated: 11/05/2023