President of the Municipality

Stefano Bianco

Civic list Beppe Sala Mayor

Born in Milan in 1969, I live in the Santa Giulia neighborhood with Francesca and our son Lorenzo.

Graduated in law with a thesis on teleworking, I am an expert in legal IT and have
participated in the development of the Telematic Civil Trial as a trainer.

I was co-founder of a process consultancy company for industrial plants and ICT.

My experience of civic engagement began in 2010 as president and spokesperson of the Milano Santa Giulia Neighborhood Committee.

In 2016 I was elected councilor of Municipality 4 on Mayor Sala's civic list.

I actively follow various topics: quality of services, digitalisation, urban regeneration, sustainability and safety.

My main objective is to represent the needs of the territorial area of ​​Municipality 4 by encouraging information, sharing and simplification of relationships with citizens. 


  • Environmental transition, urban regeneration, innovation, communication


Via Oglio, 18
Tel. 02 884. 58403

Updated: 23/11/2021