The Town Council of Boys and Girls

The Municipality of Milan, with the Municipalities, promotes the ConsigliaMI project: “Milan, also a city of boys and girls, of boys and girls”, to continue and enrich the experience of the Municipal Councils of Boys and Girls (CdMRR) started in 2013 in every municipality of the city.

The CdMRR, active in all 9 Municipalities of Milan, are made up of boys and girls aged 9 to 13, elected by their classmates within the city's primary and secondary schools and in the Youth Aggregation Centres, who act as spokespersons for the Municipal Administration and the Municipal Councils. Town hall of peer needs.

In the CdMRR the girls and boys, the boys and girls who attend schools in Milan, live experiences of active citizenship: they can express their ideas and proposals to improve the life and well-being of the environment in which they live, in particular the school and the neighborhood; they are listened to by adults and involved in the decision-making processes that concern them.

The project will be developed with the collaboration of the participating schools and municipalities and the Municipal Administration which will allow the experience of the "Boys and Girls Municipal Councils" to be consolidated and stabilized through the construction of a participatory model specific to the city of Milan.

The assumption is that boys and girls, boys and girls are citizens of the present and not of the future, to be listened to to bring out their idea of ​​a "city suitable for children and young people" to bring about changes in the areas where they live, improving everyone's lives.

The Municipality of Milan, with a public selection notice, has identified the ABCittà Social Cooperative in a ATI with Ambiente Acqua Onlus, CeLIM and Fondazione Aquilone, to carry out the "ConsigliaMI" project in the two-year period 2022-2024.

The project is carried out with the funds provided for by law 285/97, ex law 285/1997.

Updated: 20/05/2024