Tree pruning and felling

Authorizations for pruning and felling trees not connected to building works they are requested from the Municipality where the intervention is to take place.


  • Download the form relating to the intervention to be authorized and send it, with the requested documentation, via the indicated channel.

Authorization is required in the following cases:

  • extraordinary pruning that alters the natural shape of the foliage and the structure of the tree individuals
  • felling of trees subject to protection
  • felling of trees or pruning of branches to resolve an imminent danger to the safety of people or things, therefore with a motivated urgency. In this case, the operation must be promptly communicated to the competent municipal offices in the hours following the intervention.

It is also possible to report interventions that differ from what is foreseen by the Regulations for the use and protection of greenery carried out on trees located in private areas.

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Updated: 17/04/2024