Youth aggregation centers

What they are and the activities of the CAGs

The Youth Aggregation Centers have been operating for years especially in the peripheral neighborhoods and are aimed in particular at pre-adolescents, adolescents and young people.

The CAGs offer opportunities for free aggregation, scholastic support activities and workshop activities, providing children with a valid alternative to the culture of the street and concrete help in dealing with problems both in the school and family environments.

The aims and objectives of the CAGs are:
· understand the discomfort, potential and resources of users in light of the questions - even unexpressed - that come from them;
· offer positive development opportunities through an environment capable of engaging with activities and initiatives that respond to the interests of children, maintaining faith in the role of education and prevention that we propose;
· make the Center the promoter of a network of services and initiatives aimed at supporting minors and prevention, so as to create a real educating community.
To participate in the initiatives organized and proposed by the Centers, simply go to the CAG or contact the operators by telephone.

The accredited centers in Milan

The management of the CAGs can be handled directly by the Administration, or entrusted to Third Sector entities accredited with the Municipality.

In all cases the CAGs work in synergy with the Municipality in which they are located.

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  • the Youth Information space will be open at the following times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 14-18pm; Tuesday 10-13/14-18