SUEV One Stop Events: what it is

The One Stop Events Office (SUEV) allows you to organize a cultural, musical, sporting event etc. in a public or private space in the Milan area and to initiate all the procedures (authorisations, concessions, etc.) necessary for the event to take place:

  • temporary concession for the occupation of public land
  • temporary public entertainment license
  • temporary operating license for traveling shows
  • temporary authorization in derogation of noise impact 
  • license or SCIA for the sale/administration of food and drinks
  • temporary authorization for advertising display.

Furthermore, SUEV provides operators with:

  • information on the obligations to be fulfilled
  • technical support in compiling the required documentation.

Applications for events must be submitted online through the site 

The One Stop Events Office continues to provide information on the methods and procedures necessary for holding events. 

While using the procedure for electronic submission of applications, it is advisable to make use of the support of the offices by requesting prior advice at the Single Events Desk on the days it is open to the public.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Events in public areas

  • at least 30 days before the start date of employment (applications submitted more than 60 days in advance of the start date of employment will not be accepted)
  • at least 10 days before the date of the event in case of sale or administration
  • at least 60 days before the performance date in the case of a traveling show

Events in a private area

  • at least 15 days before the event date

To check any expenses to be incurred, download the attachment Details of event expenses.


If the occupation of the land relating to an event that is intended to take place falls within the areas that are part of the urban area of ​​Piazza Gae Aulenti and surrounding areas, marked in yellow see map » Before sending the request, it is necessary to contact the offices of Coima SGR SpA by sending an email to the following addresses:

If the occupation falls on all other areas external to those marked in yellow, it is necessary to contact the One-Stop Events Desk directly, showing up during opening hours to the public or by sending an e-mail to the address, in order to verify the exact positioning of the requested occupations and receive information on the procedure to follow for the subsequent forwarding of the application.


 If the occupation of the land relating to an event that you intend to propose falls within the Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi, see map » Before proceeding with sending the request, it is necessary to contact the offices of the Riccardo Catella Foundation by sending an email to the following address:

Starting December 1, 2023, all land occupation requests relating to Small Widespread Initiatives of a socio-cultural nature with and without public performance, must be presented online on the portal GeoEvents. For all information visit the section: Small Widespread Initiatives.

Temporary concession for occupation of public land

For the purposes of issuing the concession for the occupation of public land it is necessary

  • indicate the exact location of the occupation (street, square, house number, etc.)
  • describe the type of artefacts indicating the number and dimensions of the individual elements;
  • attach quoted plans and renderings
  • attach a detailed descriptive report of the event (timetable and purpose of the initiative)
  • describe the operational means used, the assembly and disassembly phases of the structures and the delimited areas.

Other useful information for organizers see Attachment

  • Locations subject to security deposit see Attachment
  • Location of the Inter-councillor Committee see Attachment
  • Resolutions with guidelines on sustainability criteria to be respected when organizing events  see attachments

In case of occupation of land for market exhibitions, the User is required to send the request for ground occupation to the One-Stop Events Desk accompanied by a copy of the commercial authorization request sent to the Productive Activities and Trade Area. The land concession will be issued only following the receipt of commercial authorization.

The land concession will be issued only following the receipt of commercial authorization.

Temporary public entertainment license

For the purposes of issuing the temporary public entertainment license it is necessary to indicate the exact location of the occupation (street, square, etc...) specifying whether it is public area o private space.

For events in outdoor places, such as squares and urban areas without structures specifically intended for the public to stay to attend shows and various events, in the presence of stages or platforms and electrical equipment, including sound amplification equipment, provided that they are installed in areas not accessible to the public, the event will be authorized by the office following the acquisition of static suitability of the structures set up. In this regard, a declaration of the workmanlike execution of the electrical systems installed is necessary, signed by qualified technicians, as well as the preparation and suitability of the fire-fighting vehicles provided they do not have specific equipment for parking the public.

For events that require the issuing of sound sources, the authorization request must include the declaration of the types of sound sources and relative power that will be used by the organizer for the realization of the event by completing the Technical Specifications reported in the online application. 

For temporary events in which the space intended for the musical event requires space exemption for exceeding the limits of noise foreseen by current legislation, the Temporary Authorization in derogation regarding noise pollution must be integrated into the application, compiling the necessary specifications reported in the online application.

The temporary public entertainment activities carried out both outdoors and indoors established by the Union ordinance of 19/11/2013 must end at 01.00. Any requests for justified exceptions must be presented together with and within the same deadlines as the submission of the application relating to the performance license and in any case at least 10 days before the event (peremptory deadline) under penalty of inadmissibility of the same.

Indicate whether the event it does not need of the opinion of Municipal Supervisory Commission or of the Provincial Supervisory Commission as:

  • the premises already have an occupancy license without modifications that would alter their usability;
  • systems and structures that are repeated and for which the Municipal or Provincial Supervisory Commission will be installed has already expressed an opinion no earlier than two years;
  • systems and structures for public parking and containment will not be used in outdoor places and spaces;

or, if installed, by providing,

  • the description of the systems and additional structures, committing to deliver the relevant declarations (workmanlike, correct assembly, static suitability, suitability of fire-fighting equipment) with a quoted plan with the indications relating to the safety that you intend to adopt;
  • the specification of the event indicating that it takes place in a place whose capacity will be equal to or less than 200 people (attach sworn report);

Indicate whether the event needs opinion of Municipal Supervisory Commission or of the Provincial Supervisory Commission as:

  • systems and structures will be used for the parking/containment of the public, committing themselves to forwarding, at least 15 days before the event, to the Municipal Supervisory Commission, the necessary technical documentation.

In the context of temporary events, it is mandatory to send a Certified Report of Initiation of Activity (SCIA) for carrying out:

  • entertainment activities for events with up to a maximum of 200 participants which take place before midnight on the starting day
  • provision of food and drinks ancillary to the event
  • sale of food and non-food products ancillary to the event

Temporary administration and sale in a private area

In addition to the forms listed below, you will need to send the following attachments:

1. in the case of free temporary administration

  • receipt of payment of ATS Metropolitan City charges and identity document.

2. in case of temporary sale on a private area

  • copy of the applicant's identity document
  • letter of appointment from the organizer of the event of which the sales activity is ancillary
  • the payment receipt to the ATS, in case of sale of food products
  • in the case of a company, the anti-mafia declaration and the declaration relating to the possession of the honourability requirements by the members. The appropriate form can be downloaded by completing the online application, in the last section called "attachment management"
  • if the SCIA is presented by a person other than the interested party (e.g. accountant, consultant, etc.), the special power of attorney signed by the interested party and digitally signed for acceptance by the person in charge. The appropriate form can be downloaded by completing the online application, in the last section called "attachment management".

Free distribution of packaged food products it is not subject upon presentation of SCIA nor upon communication to ATS Metropolitan City.

With Resolution of the City Council of 2 October 2019, the Municipality of Milan approved the Municipal plan for sales for solidarity purposes.

With this Plan, the areas in which it is possible to carry out the sale of goods of modest value for charitable purposes in exchange for an offer, with the main purpose of charity and support for charitable and research initiatives.

Who can use the areas
The following non-commercial legal entities duly established, with a registered private agreement, for at least one year can submit a request for land occupation. The corporate purpose and characteristics of a non-commercial entity must appear in the statute and/or deed of incorporation:

  • Associations registered as ONLUS with the Regional Revenue Directorate as provided for in paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 460/97;
  • Voluntary organizations referred to in L 11/08/1991 n. 266, registered in the registers established by the Regions and autonomous provinces pursuant to article 6 of the same law;
  • Non-governmental organizations recognized as suitable pursuant to Law 26/02/1987 n. 49;
  • Non-profit associations registered in the regional register referred to in art. 3 of LR 16/08/1997 n. 28;
  • Social promotion associations registered in the registers referred to in art. 7 of Law 7/12/2000 n. 383;
  • Civil Protection voluntary associations registered in the regional register referred to in art. 5 of LR 22/05/2004 n. 16;
  • Family associations registered in the regional register referred to in art. 5 of LR 6/12/1999 n. 22;
  • Social cooperatives pursuant to Law 8/12/1991 n. 381, registered in the "social cooperation section" of the prefectural register referred to in the legislative decree of the provisional head of the State of 14 December 1947, n, 1577, and subsequent amendments;
  • Ecclesiastical bodies of religious denomination with which the Italian state has stipulated pacts, agreements, or understandings limited to the activities envisaged by the art. 10 paragraph 1 letter. "A", Legislative Decree. 460 of 4/12/1997 provided that for these activities the accounting records provided for in article 20-bis of the Presidential Decree of 29 September 1973, n. are kept separately. 600, introduced by art. 25 paragraph 1.
  • Other associative bodies for which the type of initiative and the express mention, within the Articles of Association or Statute, of the following requirements will be verified from time to time:

            - absence of profit-making purposes;
            - prohibition on the distribution of any operating surpluses among members;
            - obligation to reuse operating surpluses to achieve the association's objectives.

Information sheets for the areas
The Municipality has prepared technical information sheets that provide:

  • the exact positioning by location
  • the detailed plans of the structures
  • the specific types of gazebo and equipment that can be placed
  • the technical requirements provided by the Local Police Offices
  • the road conditions to be observed in individual localities.

Download the information sheets of approved locations 

Download Municipal plan for sales for solidarity purposes

How to use areas
The information sheets replace the preparatory inspections for the release of the road traffic opinion under the responsibility of the Local Police as well as the opinion of the Inter-councillor Committee for the localities subject to the provisions of the Code of Cultural Heritage - Legislative Decree. n. 42/2004. To use the areas it is therefore sufficient to obtain the concession for the occupation of public land by the Single Events Desk.

 traveling show and circus activities means all entertainment activities, entertainment and attractions set up using mobile equipment, outdoors or indoors, or permanent amusement parks. The complete list of attractions can be consulted on the website of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Check the requirements »

 installation and operation of attractions of the traveling show means the positioning of attractions in the municipal area, such as carousels, mini-seats, bumper cars, various roundabouts. The complete list of attractions can be consulted on the website of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Check the requirements »

For shooting outside the historic center with land occupation exceeding 150 mXNUMX. (excluding film shoots, TV series, dramas and fiction under the responsibility of the SUEV) visit the page Organize public and private initiatives

For shooting less than 50 mXNUMX.
Events Office of the Local Police
via Beccaria, 19
tel. 02 7727.0342/3
opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 08 to 30 and from 12 to 30


Advice and information on how to submit applications

Advice and information will be provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:30 to 16:00 as follows:

  • at the One Stop Events Office - Via Larga, 12 - 3rd Floor - Room 320/322
  • by calling the numbers: 02 884.45852 - 02 884.67101

For particularly complex events it is advisable to request an appointment at the offices.

To make an appointment

  • call the numbers:  02 884.45852 - 02 884.67101 il Tuesday and Thursday from 10: 00 to 12: 00 and from 14: 30 to 16: 00
  • send an email to:

For information relating to the application sent via the impresainungiorno digital desk
- consult your digital drawer in "MyPage" > my paperwork sent.

For any information relating to public entertainment licenses write to:

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