tessera elettorale

The electoral card is issued in case of:

  • first release (18 year olds)
  • change of address within the Municipality of Milan
  • transfer of residence from another municipality
  • loss
  • theft
  • exhaustion of spaces for the certification of the voting exercise.


1. Download the form

2. also prepare:

  • for all
    - valid identification document;
  • in case of running out of space
    - electoral card with no spaces available;
  • in case of theft
    - copy of the report to the Public Security Authority;
  • in case of transfer from another Municipality
    - card from the previous Municipality;
  • in the event of a change of address within the Municipality of Milan
    - electoral card showing the old address;
  • in the event of a request from a family member of the card holder (included in the same family status)
    - own identification document and identity document (in original or photocopy) of the person in whose name

3. Submit documentation as indicated below.

Electoral office
via Messina, 52-54
ordinary hours: from Monday to Friday - from 8 to 30 and from 12 to 00


registered offices

Note Voter cards with AVD stamp they are renewed only at the Electoral Office in via Messina, 52-54

Updated: 18/09/2023