Pass for parking for residents and residents in Milan

Anyone who resides or stays in Milan can obtain a pass for their parking area (yellow and blue lines).

  • The pass is intended for passenger transport vehicles
  • only one pass can be obtained for each applicant.


For residents, residents and settlers with an Italian driving license and a vehicle registered in Italy


  • residents and residents can obtain the pass online by self-certifying the requirements
  • the barracks must download the form dedicated to them
  • for residents and barracks, the issuing of the pass is free
  • for the residents. Payment of €250,00 is required, to be made directly on the dedicated platform using an electronic payment method.

For all other cases


If you find yourself in one of these situations:

  • holder of a driving license issued abroad
  • owner of vehicles registered abroad
  • resident without a driving license who uses the services of a driver with a regular employment contract
  • company employee or collaborator temporarily assigned to an office located in the territory of the Municipality of Milan housed in non-residential structures (guest houses or tourist facilities)
  • It was not possible to request the pass online

download the form corresponding to your need, attach the documentation and request the pass using the channels indicated below.

Prepare the documentation in PDF format and send it to

  • It is also possible to send the documentation via email to this box to check the requirements before going to the counter
  • in this case you will be contacted to confirm the correctness of the documentation or for a request for integration.

Infopoint AreaB/AreaC c/o Duomo M1/M3

  • present the vehicle registration document
  • access is by appointment to be booked exclusively through app

The payment required for residents who were unable to use the online request must be made via POS.

Updated: 04/03/2024