Fines and sanctions: injunctions and orders to comply for infringements of the Highway Code

The payment order for an infringement of the Highway Code is issued when the normal fine (infringement notice, report) is not paid within the established deadlines.

The amount of the injunction is increased since it is given by the sum of:

  • amount of the administrative fine (infringements of the Highway Code and municipal regulations)
  • any costs of investigation and notification
  • increase of one tenth of the fine for each six months elapsed from the deadline for payment of the reduced fine (Law 689/81).

In case of non-payment of the injunction, precautionary or enforcement procedures will be initiated (for example: administrative arrest or foreclosure).

On this page you will find all the information to verify, appeal or make payment.

You can view the details online minutes indicated in the payment order and the related notification cards, even in the event of an order to comply.
Access the service with a spid user and enter the requested data, including the number of each report.

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It is possible to request an installment of the amount indicated in the notice by following the instructions on the page Installment of municipal taxes and other payments

The granting of installment plans is subject to the assessment of past arrears and the correctness of the taxpayer in relation to the fulfillment of obligations relating to other installment plans already granted. All previous debts will be automatically merged, with the exception of those already paid in installments and those relating to ongoing precautionary and/or enforcement procedures.

The Administration can prevent disputes with the taxpayer by canceling its documents, partially or totally, if they are vitiated by the presence of errors.

Characteristics of self-defense
The self-defense request:

  • it can be presented on plain paper by the recipient of the injunction
  • does not suspend the terms for payment of the deed
  • does not suspend the deadlines for appealing to the competent judicial authority
  • does not provide a response timescale for the Administration.

Cases in which it is possible to exercise self-defense
The injunction is based on documents that have become definitive pursuant to current legislation. Any review may therefore only concern:

  • defects in form and notification of the document
  • occurrence of facts extinguishing the right being enforced and no longer the merit of the provision that gave rise to the credit (original report).

To present self-defense on injunctions or reports regarding orders to comply, go to the section Info and assistance of this page and click the button You write.

The injunction can be challenged by filing an appeal.
For details and methods visit the page Fines and sanctions: appeal and rejection of the appeal

Payment must be made within thirty days from the date of notification, using exclusively the pre-compiled MAV bulletin attached to the injunction.

If the expiry day is a holiday, the deadline is extended to the first following non-holiday day.

You can pay on this site in two ways:

You can pay with your home banking service via internet or telephone.
Verifica if your credit institution participates in Cbill/PagoPa payment.

You can make the payment at:

  • ATMs at no additional cost
  • branches of any bank throughout the country at no additional cost
  • tobacconists affiliated with Banca ITB with a commission paid by the citizen

tel. 02.02.02, preferably from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 (excluding holidays)

To receive personalized assistance
click on the button and send a request to the operators

To receive personalized assistance
click on the button and send a request to the operators

Legislative Decree no. 18 of 17/03/2020 art.68 and subsequent amendments


Updated: 03/11/2023