Area C | Benefits for health reasons

The cars used:

  • for the transport of people headed to the emergency room facilities
  • by people suffering from serious pathologies and rare diseases that require life-saving therapies
    (for example chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis), certified by the healthcare facility providing the service
  • as a parent of minors in neonatal intensive care

They can get:

  • entry to Area C with a vehicle that would not normally be permitted, for the purpose of:
    - go to receive treatment at facilities located within Area C
    - for those residing in Area C: return after receiving first aid treatment or intervention in a facility located outside
  • exemption from paying the ticket.


  • Download Form 06 and send it through one of the channels below.

Deliver the form to the AreaB/AreaC Infopoint at the Duomo M1/M3 metro station. 

  • access is by appointment to be booked exclusively through app;
  • presents the vehicle registration document.

Updated: 14/03/2024