WEB accessibility

The MUNICIPALITY OF MILAN website was designed and created following the WCAG 2.0 guidelines provided by the W3C WAI international standard, in consistent with WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements - level AA.

Furthermore, the control points of the Technical Verification defined by the Law of 9 January 2004 n°4 “Provisions to promote access of disabled people to IT tools” and its recent update of the Ministerial Decree of 20 March 2013 “Annex A. Technical rules governing accessibility to teaching and training tools for disabled students”.

The principles that guided the creation of the portal have been defined on the basis of what is indicated by the WAI W3C guidelines, among the main ones:

  1. only the technologies specified by the W3C guidelines were used
  2. for each audio-visual content, content has been provided that, when presented to the user, essentially performs the same function or achieves the same purpose as the original content.
  3. we did not rely solely on colors, in this way the text and graphics are understandable even if consulted without color.
  4. Markers and style sheets have been used appropriately
  5. the layout has been designed and guarantees independence from various devices (connected to responsive mode)
  6. clear and consistent navigation mechanisms have been designed and provided in order to increase the probability that a person can find what they are looking for on the portal
  7. tables equipped with the right markers have been inserted so that browsers and the various user agents can transform them according to need.

All pages on the site have passed HTML5 validation carried out with the W3C Validator.

As regards the semantics, a manual check was carried out on all the main pages and all the various templates used.

The site has also been designed following approximately W3C standards CSS3 e HTML5 making cross-browser and responsive to the resolutions of various mobile devices.

The portal is certified compatible with the following browsers and mobile operating systems:


  • Chrome, version 45+
  • Safari, version 9+
  • Firefox, version 38+
  • Opera, version 30+
  • Internet Explorer, version 10+
  • Microsoft Edge, version 12+

Tablets and Smartphones

  • iOS, version 9+
  • Android OS, version 4.4+

Updated: 11/06/2019