The Plan for the Development and Cohesion of Milan

The Development and Cohesion Plan (PSC) is the implementation tool of the Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC).

It was introduced by article 44 of Legislative Decree 34/2019 and subsequently formalized with Cipess Resolution 2/2021, as a simplification tool in the governance of the Development and Cohesion Fund, previously managed with a variety of tools.

The Development and Cohesion Plan was therefore created with the aim of guaranteeing unitary coordination by each Administration in charge of the operational plans, as well as an acceleration of the expenditure of the interventions.

The Plan for the Development and Cohesion of the Metropolitan City of Milan was approved with CIPESS Resolution 50/2021 and implemented by the Administration with Resolution of the General Director 2877/2022.

The previous Pact for the Development of the Metropolitan City of Milan (so-called "Pact for Milan"), signed on 13 September 2016 between the Mayor of the City of Milan and the President of the Council of Ministers for the financing of 15 interventions.

The original allocation of the Pact for Milan, equal to 110 million euros from the FSC, (CIPE Resolution 56/2016), was confirmed for the Development and Cohesion Plan. Of these 110 million euros, 85 are assigned to the Municipality of Milan, which among other things holds the role of Responsible Authority for the Program, for the implementation of 10 proprietary interventions; the remaining 25 million are assigned to the Metropolitan City of Milan for the implementation of 5 directed interventions.

The Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC)

The Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC) is, together with the European Structural Funds, the main financial instrument through which policies for economic, social and territorial development and the removal of economic and social imbalances are implemented. The FSC has its origins in the Funds for underutilized areas (FAS): since 2010, the management of the Fund has been attributed to the President of the Council of Ministers, who makes use of the Department for Development and Cohesion, now established at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Department for Cohesion Policies (DPCOE).

Starting from 2011, the FAS took on the name of Fund for Development and Cohesion (FSC) and was aimed at giving programmatic and financial unity to the set of additional nationally financed interventions, aimed at the economic and social rebalancing between the different areas of the country. The FSC has a multi-annual nature in line with the temporal structure of the programming of the European Union's Structural Funds, guaranteeing the unity and complementarity of the procedures for activating the relevant resources with those envisaged for the Community funds. In particular, the Fund's intervention is aimed at financing strategic projects, both of an infrastructural and intangible nature, of national, interregional and regional importance.

The FSC is distributed with specific resolutions of the CIPE, subject to preventive control by the Court of Auditors.

The CIPE, now changed to the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning for Sustainable Development (CIPESS), carries out coordination functions in matters of national economic policy planning and planning, as well as coordination of national economic policy with community policies.

The Supervisory Committee (CdS) of the Milan Development and Cohesion Plan is a body with steering and control tasks over the Programme, in accordance with the provisions of article 4 of the CIPESS Resolution 2/2021. It is chaired by the Mayor's Chief of Staff and composed of representatives of:

  • Department for Cohesion Policies
  • Agency for Territorial Cohesion
  • Department for planning and coordination of economic policy
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance – Department of General State Accounting – IGRUE
  • Department for Regional Affairs and Autonomy
  • Ministry of Ecological Transition
  • Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility
  • Ministry of Education

The activities and decisions of the Supervisory Committee can be consulted on the "Official documents" page.

Updated: 27/05/2022