Land occupation for the installation of products on soil and subsoil

The installation of various types of artefacts such as pipes, cables, tunnels, chambers and wells, pipes, multi-holes, water drainage/intake pipes, collectors, trapdoors, cavities, shelters etc. on roads, pavements, state-owned areas, road underpasses, tunnels involves a concession for the occupation of public land.

The concession application must be accompanied by the following graphic documentation:

  • Duly signed project table consisting of a title block indicating the type of works to be carried out.
  • aerial photogrammetry in 1:2000 or 1:1000 scale with the exact point of the intervention highlighted in red
  • plan in 1:100 or 1:500 scale, quoted or with the exact position of the intervention/artifact indicated so that it is precisely identifiable; it must also include the area of ​​occupation of public land preparatory to the execution of the works (construction site)
  • section or detail quoted in 1:20/1:50 scale
  • for superficial artefacts, rendering or simulation of the result obtained from the creation of the requested works and photos of the actual state.

For installing waste collectors in waterways, it is mandatory to also attach the authorization from the Magistrate of the Po and/or the Metropolitan City of Milan or the competent body of reference for that watercourse.

Before submitting your application:

  1. check the project documentation with the technicians
  2. for underground interventions, the project must be signed by a qualified technician
  3. make the payment of the preliminary investigation costs of €25,00. For payment methods, consult the services Single Canon

To verify the project and technical documentation:
Technical Area Infrastructures for Mobility
Soil and Subsoil Technical Unit Via Sile n.8 Milan
Office hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 11:00 to 12:00

For concessions concerning public subsoil
Please consult the Investigation phase section in this sheet

For verifying documentation

Town Hall 1 tel. 02 884.66503
Municipalities 2, 3 tel. 02 884.66502
Municipalities 4, 5, 9 tel. 02 884.66480
Municipalities 6, 7 tel. 02 884.66507
Town Hall 8 tel. 02 884.66494

The application, bearing a tax stamp of €16,00, must be drawn up on the attached form and filled in in its entirety, dated and signed by the applicant or legal representative.

It must contain, under penalty of inadmissibility:

  • the personal details of the natural or legal person requesting and benefiting from the concession, also indicating code. tax. o VAT number, residence, legal domicile or registered and administrative headquarters, telephone and fax number
  •  the name and personal data of the person designated to collect and sign the concession deed, as well as the position held (whether managing director or legal representative, etc.)
  • the exact location of the portion of land, subsoil or above ground (projected to public land) that is requested to be occupied and the relative measurement of surface or linear extension
  • the object of the occupation, the reasons underlying it, the type of activity that is requested to be carried out and the means with which it is intended to occupy and/or the work that is requested to be carried out and the methods of use of the area
  • the duration and possible periodicity of the employment
  • the telephone and fax number of the person handling the application and to whom you can refer for any clarifications and/or additions to the application
  • whether the employment is temporary or permanent
  • if the area has already been granted by the Municipality of Milan for other works
  • the times expected to carry out the work from the date of delivery of the area
  • if multiple products are to be installed, it is necessary to indicate the number of these and for each one the exact positioning on state land, the surface area of ​​each one and the overall surface area.

Investigation costs
Attach to the application the payment receipt for the preliminary investigation costs of €25,00 to be paid with:

  • postal slip on current account no. 59897280
  • made out to:
    Municipality of Milan - Land Occupation Unit
  • specifying the reason "investigation costs".

Address to be indicated in the application
The request should be addressed to:

Authorizations and Concession Specialist Directorate - SUAP
Advertising and Land Occupation Area
Largo de Benedetti n. 1
20124 - Milan

Once the application has been received and its completeness has been verified, the Office starts the preliminary investigation procedure
immediately and without further communication to the applicant and collects the opinions of the competent Sectors.

For all requests for concessions regarding:

  • public underground
  • shelters
  • furnishing items in the frieze of buildings

it is necessary to carry out the subservice coordination survey, therefore the application will be forwarded to the sectors concerned.

In particular, the sectors:

  • Technical Area Infrastructures for Mobility
  • Local Area Police Commands
  • and, in more specific cases, areas of the Mobility, Environment, Energy Directorate

they may request the establishment of security deposits to guarantee the restoration of public land or the integrity of the artefacts present underground.

Release times are expected in 165 days.

For public underground occupations, the Coordination Office of the Mobility Infrastructure Technical Area can take from 3 to 9 months to conclude the preliminary investigation of the underground services.

At the end of the investigation, the concession deed is drawn up and the methods for withdrawing the concession, paying the Single Fee and any security deposit are communicated to the party.

All occupations of soil/subsoil and public land exceeding m0,5. XNUMX are subject to the application of the municipal concession fee (Single Fee).

Payment must be made only in the event of a favorable outcome of the investigation and before the granting of the concession, according to the instructions that will be sent to the applicant.

To find out the rates applied, consult the Single Fee Calculation

The renunciation of occupation of the area and, therefore, the non-withdrawal of the authorized concession, will result in the payment of an indemnity equal to 15% of the amount of the fee calculated for the relevant procedure.

CU Regulation of the Municipality of Milan.

Once the investigation has been successfully concluded, the concessionaire will be able to withdraw the concession by presenting the receipt of payment of the Single Fee and the receipt of the security deposit, where required.

Before starting the works, the concessionaire must take over the area at the competent office, indicated on the concession, and examine the technical requirements to be followed for the execution and restoration of public land.

Upon delivery of the area, the concessionaire will review the requirements
techniques to follow released by the companies that own underground services and
method of restoration of public land.

In the case of land occupation, the concessionaire in possession of the concession deed,
before starting the works, he will have to present a regular building permit (S.C.I.A.- D.I.A.) or other
communication pursuant to building regulations for free building interventions at:

One Stop Shop Area for Construction located in Via Sile n. 8 Milan

Furthermore, a copy of the concession deed will be sent to:

  • Finance Area and Tax Charges for the issuing of the Single Fee bulletin starting from the year following the year in which the concession is issued (only for permanent occupations)
  • Decentralized Local Police Command competent for the territory, for appropriate knowledge. 

Excavations Office 




Updated: 02/04/2024