Guidelines for the occupation of streets and sidewalks with furnishing elements

The "precarious concession for the occupation of land and public space" allows commercial activities to place elements of urban furniture on streets and pavements such as:

  • tables and chairs
  • solar awnings
  • awnings
  • pergolas
  • umbrellas
  • embellishment planters
  • delimiting elements such as screens, balustrades, cords, etc.
  • platforms, flooring, carpets
  • seasonal dehors (verandas) and bracings
  • gazebo
  • spotlights, lanterns and lanterns
  • etc.

The concession, valid for a period exceeding one year, is issued to:

  • administration license holders
  • craftsmen
  • neighborhood businesses which are allowed to occupy the land

with fixed headquarters and interested in:

  • expand its size
  • increase its appeal
  • embellish it

thanks to the installation of urban furniture elements on public space and/or land. 

To view some examples of permitted space or land occupations, download the file Drawings with examples of permitted space and land occupations

You can view the Video surveillance systems press release

The costs for granting employment are:

  • revenue stamp €16,00 to be affixed to the request
  • revenue stamp €16,00 for the concession deed to be delivered upon collection of the deed itself
  • occupancy fee as per the Single Fee Regulation.

To determine the fee due in a few simple steps, consult the service Single fee calculation »

Investigation costs
for preliminary investigation costs, the payment method is possible either by postal order or by bank transfer 

  • bank transfer to Banco Posta current account - IBAN - IT49Q0760101600000059897280 registered to Land Employment Sector - Municipality of MI.
  • postal account slip n° 5 9 8 9 7 2 8 0 payable to: Municipality of Milan - Public Land and Subsoil Occupation Service - reason: Fee for occupation of public spaces and areas - Plateatico OSP - in via …….

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Updated: 18/04/2024