The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

Il Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) it is the first International pact which commits the Mayors to work to make food systems sustainable, guarantee healthy and accessible food for all, preserve biodiversity and fight against food waste.

Since 2015, the year of its launch in Milan, the Pact has involved approximately 280 city and related partners, who meet periodically, both regionally and globally, to share challenges and opportunities and develop supranational projects aimed at formulating more effective food policies for their citizens.

The Pact includes a commitment to implement policies that promote equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems and a framework for action that suggests interventions in six areas/categories: Governance, Sustainable Diets, Social and Economic Justice, Food Production, Food Distribution e Food waste.

Milan is the permanent Chair of the Pact together with 12 other cities, two per region, who remain in office for two years.

Download here Report on the MUFPP 2024

Thanks to the organization of Milan Pact Awards - the prestigious international award organized together with the Cariplo Foundation - the Pact has become a catalyst for innovation, rewarding the most advanced food policies from all over the world and making the important know-how collected available to the signatory cities. With the different editions of the award, the Pact has created alibrary of good practices' unique food policy of its kind which is the basis of collaboration between cities. 

Download here Report of the Milan Pact Awards 2022

To learn more, visit the website milan urban food policy pact

Updated: 04/04/2024