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    PA Cefalù Vergiate - Implementation Plan

    The area affected by the Implementation Plan, equal to approximately 3,5 hectares, is located in the north-west quadrant of the city, along the northern edge of the Gallaratese district and south of the axis of via Gallarate and falls within the territory of competence of the Municipality 8 The northern part of the lot currently houses the structures in[...]

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    PA Gonin 49-51 - Implementation plan

    The intervention area is located in the south-west quadrant of the city (Municipal 6) on the border between the municipalities of Milan and Corsico, a short distance from the Milan San Cristoforo railway station. On the lot there are currently abandoned industrial buildings with critical issues (Deliberation of the City Council[...]

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    Scalo Rogoredo - Implementation Plan

    The area subject to urban planning concerns a portion of the former Milan Rogoredo railway yard whose building potential is defined by the "Railway Yards" Program Agreement approved by the Lombardy Region in 2017. The construction of Residential Construction[...]

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    2019 programme

    The Municipality of Milan with Triennale Milano launched, in October 2019, the Call for Ideas URBAN FACTOR for the development of a program of meetings, conferences and workshops, with the aim of investigating and observing the city and its changes, and to the development of research projects capable of deepening your[...]

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    2020 programme

    A broad program animated the Urban Center during 2020: from public space to schools, from gender policies to the Olympics, various themes and methods were placed at the center of the debate during 130 meetings. Ideas for Milan 2020 Urban transformations and the impact of the coronavirus[...]

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    2021 programme

    The programming of Milano Urban Center 2021 included a series of activities and initiatives based on the in-depth analysis of some research themes and the development of a Public Program and related events. The reflection on the city was carried forward thanks to the involvement of the twelve selected groups[...]

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    2022 programme

    Research publications Call Urban Factor 2019 To confirm the vocation of the Urban Center as a laboratory for investigation and understanding of urban phenomena linked to the contemporary city, the idea of ​​starting a series of publications dedicated to the research and exploration of urban themes and terrified[...]

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    2023 programme

    Call Urban Factor 2023/2024 The Municipality of Milan launched, in May 2023, the Call Urban Factor 2023/2024, for the development of research projects capable of examining and addressing emerging issues in contemporary metropolitan cities, with particular reference to the themes of urban regeneration [...]

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    Urban Center

    The Urban Center aims to observe the city, and its change, through a series of conferences, workshops, public debates and through the education of public contests and competitions on the regeneration of city spaces. It will investigate multiple phenomena, apparently[...]

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    Funded programs

    The Urban Center unit, design competitions and management of funded programs and projects, deals with the identification of funded programs and projects, also at community level, of territorial and urban planning relevance, as well as their related administrative and technical management in implementing the objectives[ ...]

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