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    Mapped Circuit Posting

    The Mapped Circuit posting is carried out on systems called STENDARDI - TRESPOLI - DIAPASON. The mapped circuit comes out every weekday, with 220 140x200 posters for 15 days. A mini mapped circuit of 110 140x200 posters is also planned for 15 days.

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    Posting of commercial banners

    The systems called Commercial Banners are divided into homogeneous circuits in terms of quality and quantity of systems. The systems are double-sided and the posting is done front/back.

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    Free posting

    Free posting is carried out on metal tables applied to walls at "head height" or on construction site fences.

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    Pre-established posting

    The fixed posting is carried out only on metal tables applied to the walls at "head height" chosen by the applicant. To proceed with the choice of tables, the office transmits the list of tables installed throughout the city.

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    Finalized scheduled services/grant tourism

    Public transport managers who intend to activate scheduled services, called: non-contributed purpose-built tourism, can carry out their activity if they are in possession of prior authorization and have presented the Certified Report of Initiation of Activity (SCIA).

  • Informative content

    Out of shape extension

    Extension of existing building structures, above ground or underground, outside the existing shape without prejudice, for appurtenant interventions, to the provisions of letter e.6) of article 3, c. 1 of the Presidential Decree of 6 June 2001, n. 380 . Administrative regime: Building permit/Authorisation References[...]

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    Construction contribution

    The construction contribution is regulated by art. 43.1 of Regional Law 12/2005 «The authorizations for new construction interventions, expansion of existing buildings and building renovation are subject to the payment of primary and secondary urbanization and waste disposal charges (only [...]

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    Conventional building permit

    The Conventional Building Permit is a building permit for which the signing of an agreement is required in advance, pursuant to Article 11 of Law 241/1990 and subsequent amendments. The Conventional Building Permit, which refers to art. 28-bis of Presidential Decree 380/2001 and art. 10.2 d[...]

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    Landscape Commission

    The Municipal Landscape Commission is the technical-consultative body of the Municipality of Milan which expresses obligatory, non-binding opinions - unless otherwise provided by law - regarding: ordinary landscape authorization provided for by art. 146 of the legislative decree of 22 January 2004 n. 42, for [...]

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    Flea markets in Milan

    The Municipality of Milan promotes the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of privately owned products or objects, in order to encourage the prolonged use of things. The resulting activity involves the sale or display of one's own objects, or works of art or intellectual property, with the exception of[...]

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