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    Advanced search for resolutions

    Through the semantic search engine it is possible to carry out advanced document selection operations on the Resolutions Archive of the Municipality of Milan.

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    Resolutions Archive

    Public administrations recognize the Citizen's right of access to administrative action and the right to information. The Resolutions Archive allows you to consult for 5 years the Resolutions of the Municipal Executive and Council and those of the Municipality for which the publication deadlines have elapsed[...]

  • Informative content

    5 per thousand IRPEF statement

    In this subsection, the reports relating to the 5 per thousand share of the IRPEF allocated by taxpayers to the Municipality of Milan to support social activities are published. Annual Report 2022 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report 2020 (part one) Annual Report 2020 (part two) Annual Report[...]

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    Online resolutions archive

    Once the deadlines for publication in the Notice Board for the Resolutions of the Executive, Council and Municipality have passed, the citizen can find them in the Resolutions Archive. The online Resolutions Archive is an IT space in which to find documents relating to acts and provisions which, according to the legislation[...]

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    Praetorian Register online

    What is it? The online Notice Board is an IT space, accessible without formalities, in which documents relating to acts and provisions are published which, based on current legislation or by choice of individual public administrations, must be made potentially knowable to anyone . What the[...]

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    Municipal Notice Board

    Public administrations have the obligation to respect the principle of transparency of administrative action in implementation of the constitutional principles of impartiality and good administration. In fact, transparency is one of the essential levels of performance to be guaranteed on the national territory[...]

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    Appointments and Regulations

    The Mayor is responsible for the nomination, designation and revocation of the Municipality's representatives at entities, companies, institutions and investee companies. In compliance with the Statute of the Municipality of Milan, the "Regulation on the guidelines and procedures for the appointment, designation and revocation of representatives[...]

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