Chairperson of the City Council

Elena Buscemi

Elena Buscemi was born in 1982 and raised in Milan, where she still lives.
She holds a Degree in Philosophy with a dissertation on the History of Political Thought.

Ms Buscemi has been a candidate for the Democratic Party and was elected for the first time to the Milan City Council in 2011. Ten years later, in October XNUMX, the Council appointed her as its President.

She has always been passionate about politics thanks to her parents, her studies and her experience as a Girl Scout (member of a youth group), understanding that politics also dwells in our everyday choices and actions.

President Buscemi strongly cares about the themes of Rights, Housing and Gender Equality, promoting them during the past few years as Vice President of the Urban Planning Commission, President of the Housing Commission inside the Milan City Council and as Delegate of the Mayor for Labour and Welfare at the Metropolitan City of Milan.


The President of the City Council, elected among the City Councillors, institutionally represents and chairs the Council.

The City Council decides the political and adminisitrative strategy of the Municipality and supervises the implementation of this plan.


Updated: 10/04/2024