Calendar from 21 to 25 March 2022

from 13.00 to 14.30 - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Culture (Chaired by Councilor Costamagna Luca)
Agenda: Hearing of the Inverse Canon Association. Presentation of activities and plans for the cultural valorization of the neighborhoods. The Commission intervenes:

Carlo Centemeri, artistic director of the Association.


The Artistic Director of the “Canone inverso” Association clarified that the Association has been organising, since 2010, projects with musical content with an intent that is mainly cultural. In this direction he recalled the commitment to create events with an organic programming that covers all the Municipalities of Milan.
A debate followed during which some Councilors formulated considerations and requested clarifications to which the guest responded.

from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Budget - Real Estate (Chaired by Councilor D'Amico Simonetta)
Agenda: Illustration of the dispute of the Municipality of Milan. He'll be there:

the Director of the Legal Department, lawyer. Antonello Mandarano.


The Director of the Lawyers Directorate provided specifications relating to the Directorate itself, highlighting the skills and organization of the structure in addition to the presentation of data regarding the management and amount of litigation in the Municipality of Milan. 

from 14.30pm to 16.00pm - Teams mode connection
Trijoint Council Commission Budget - Real Estate, Economic Development-Labour Policies e Control of Participatory Bodies(Chaired by Councilor D'Amico Simonetta, Councilor Mauro Orso and Councilor Bestetti Marco)
Agenda: So.Ge.MI SpA: Foody 2025 development plan - Forecast 2021 and Budget 2022. The following So.Ge.Mi top management will be present in the Commission. SpA:

  • the President, Cesare Ferrero,
  • the Director of General Affairs, Massimo Ronchi.

They were invited to participate:

  • the Councilor for Budget and Real Estate, Emmanuel Conte,
  • the Councilor for Education, Anna Scavuzzo,
  • the Councilor for Economic Development and Labor Policies, Alessia Cappello.


The leaders of SOGEMI, in the presence of the Councilor for Employment Policies, illustrated to those present the development plan of the Foody 2025 program and the area occupied by the general markets. Particular attention was paid to the renovation of the pavilions, whose delivery is now imminent. Furthermore, a detailed report was proposed on sanctions for operators, be they warnings or suspensions, and a document relating to the economic performance of the Company. Finally, further details on some specifications were provided, at the request of the Directors.

from 16.00pm to 17.30pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission House and Neighborhood Plan (Chaired by Councilor Bottelli Federico)
Agenda: ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT AREA OF PROJECTS AND WORKS" Resolution N/625-2022: Recognition, pursuant to art. 191, paragraph 3 and with the methods established by article 194, paragraph 1, letter e) of Legislative Decree 267/2000 and smi, of the expenditure relating to the extremely urgent interventions to be carried out at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan (roofing) following the climatic event of 07/02/2022., and approval of the works pursuant to art. 163 of the Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and art. 23 of Ministerial Decree 154 of 22/08/2017 for a total amount of € 275.000,00 (including 22% VAT). CUP. B47H22000880004. The following will be present:

  • Councilor Pierfrancesco Maran,
  • the engineer Massimiliano Papetti Director of Technical Management and Street Furnishings.


The Technical Offices described resolution no. 625-22, detailing the extremely urgent works carried out at the Sforzesco Castle, following the damage suffered by its roofs, caused by the exceptional wind event of 7 February. The costs for restoring the coverage to its original conditions, as requested by the Superintendence, generated the off-balance sheet debt referred to in resolution no. 625-22 which the President declares discussed, after the same Offices responded to the questions posed by the Councillors.

from 17.30pm to 19.00pm - Teams mode connection
Joint Council Commission Institutional Affairs-Metropolitan City e Mobility, Environment, Greenery and Animals (Chaired by Councilor Enrico Fedrighini and Councilor Monguzzi Carlo) 
Agenda: Presentation of the guidelines of the Agenda for the sustainable development of the metropolitan city of Milan.


The President of the Commission reported that he participated today in the presentation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development by the Metropolitan City in which the 17 objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda were included and the elements needed to evaluate their achievement. He adds that at the end of the presentation, round tables were started to explore the potential of this tool, of which he broadly summarizes the possibilities of use. The Commissioners thanked the President for the comprehensive presentation.

from 9.30 to 11.00 - INSPECTION
Council Commission  Welfare and Health (Chaired by Councilor Fumagalli Marco Carlo)
Agenda: "Inspection of the CASC (Central Station Reception Centre) located in Via Sammartini, 10". Will participate:

  • the Councilor for Welfare and Health, Lamberto Bertolè;
  • the Director of the Rights, Inclusion and Projects Area Michele Petrelli;
  • Corporate Rights and Projects Area - Ass. Member Service Officer - Rights and Serious Marginalization Unit, Miriam Pasqui.


The Councilors went to the CASC (Central Station Reception Centre) located in via Sammartini 120 where the Welfare Councilor illustrated the activities taking place in this structure. In particular, it was highlighted that the CASC welcomes homeless people to initiate them, through a series of interviews, towards a path of recovery and social inclusion. The service is supported by operators from the Municipality and the Third Sector who work together to help all people in difficulty. At the end of the explanation of the service, the Councilors visited all the areas dedicated to reception and their questions were also promptly answered.

from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Teams mode connection
Joint Council Commission Olympics-Paralympics Milan Cortina 2026 e Sport-Tourism-Youth Policies-Policies for Wellbeing (Chaired by Councilor Giungi Alessandro and Councilor Vasile Angelica)
Agenda: Presentation of the Bebe Vio Academy, with the audition of:

  • Teresa Grandis, President of the art4sport Onlus Association,
  • Ruggero Vio, Vice President of the art4sport Onlus Association.

Deputy Mayor Anna Scavuzzo will be present.


The President and Vice President of the Art4sport Onlus Association, which promotes paralympic sport, presented the three projects WEmbrace, Bebe Vio Academy and Fly2paris to the Commission. In the Bebe Vio Academy, children and young people with and without disabilities can experience five different sports disciplines, which take place at the Iseo Sports Center and the Bicocca Stadium. The Commission agrees on the importance of spreading sports culture and promoting the practice of sports by children with disabilities.

from 18.00pm to 19.00pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Economic Development-Labour Policies (Chaired by Councilor Mauro Orso)
Agenda: "Presentation of the Employment Pact guidelines and related discussion". They will be present:

  • the Councilor for Economic Development and Labor Policies, Alessia Cappello;
  • Dr. Sabina Banfi, Director of the Work, Youth and Sport Department.


The Councilor and the Offices illustrated the main guidelines along which the construction of the Employment Pact is moving; they specified that the path moves from what was built by the then Councilor Tajani, updating and redefining some steps. They underlined that, also taking into account the changes that have occurred in the labor market in the last three years, discussions with employers' associations and trade unions have restarted, together with meetings with university rectors and presidents of ITS foundations. . Finally, they urged the councilors to collaborate in order to reach the drafting of an agreement for shared work. The councilors indicated possible further fields of intervention, making themselves available to collaborate in drafting the document. The President announced the next sessions on the topic on specific points.

from 10.00 to 11.30 - Inspection
Council Commission House and Neighborhood Plan (Chaired by Councilor Bottelli Federico)
Agenda: Problems with the block of Via Lopez 7. They will be present:

  • Councilor Pierfrancesco Maran,
  • the Director of the Home Division of MM, Dr. Corrado Bina,
  • the dr. Niccolò Bertorelle.


The Commission went to via Lopez n. 7, to verify the various problems concerning the building managed by MM SpA, including broken stairway doors, malfunctioning intercoms, cleaning problems of the building and the garden, abandonment of bulky waste, state of degradation of the cellars, non-functioning street lamps and poor state of repair of the property. The Housing Councilor and the Municipality's technicians examined the existing situation in order to intervene to resolve the various problems highlighted.

from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Teams mode connection
Joint Council Commission Welfare-Health e Civic Services, Relations with Municipalities, Digitalisation (Chaired by Councilor Fumagalli MarcoCarlo and Councilor Pastorella Giulia)
Agenda: "Presentation and Consultation of the WeMi Platform and Centers". Will participate:

  • the Councilor for Welfare and Health: Lamberto Bertolè;
  • for the WeMi Development and Projects Unit: Dr. Emanuela Losito;
  • for the Civic Services Department: Dr. Giulia Conese.


The official from the Social Policies Directorate illustrated the functionality and structure of the WEMI Welfare Platform, then responding to the questions posed by the Councillors, also accepting their suggestions for implementing the platform itself. 

from 14.30pm to 16.00pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Education and Food Policy (Chaired by Councilor Marzia Pontone)
Agenda: "Presentation of the results on the survey of the quality perceived by parents of nursery schools, spring sections and early childhood centers of the Municipality of Milan". They will speak:

  • the Deputy Mayor Anna Scavuzzo, with responsibility for Education;
  • Dr. Paola Brambilla, Head of Customer Intelligence Unit CRM Area, Citizen Experience Specialist Department.


The offices announced that the total number of questionnaires filled out by families amounted to 2.742, 39,13% of whom reported their overall experience in the educational service to be very satisfactory, 51,68% satisfactory, 7,91% not very satisfactory and 1,28% not at all satisfactory.
The Deputy Mayor underlined how the positive opinion noted is representative of the quality of the educational offer of the Municipality of Milan also following the difficulties caused by the Covid 19 pandemic.

from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Teams mode connection
Joint Council Commission Active Mobility-Accessibility Council Subcommittee e Civic Services, Relations with Municipalities, Digitalisation  (Chaired by Councilor Mazzei Marco and Councilor Pastorella Giulia)
Agenda: "Assosharing hearing on the characteristics and data of micromobility in Milan. The following will be present:

  • Matteo Tanzilli, spokesperson for Assosharing,
  • Alessio Raccagna and Andrea Giaretta of the Assosharing board.


The managers of ASSOSHARING, the first trade association in the sharing mobility sector in Italy, provided the state of the art and a series of data relating to mobility through electric scooters and pedal-assisted bicycles. In particular, it emerged that there are 5.250 shared scooters circulating in the city (14% of those in circulation), that the figure is significantly increasing and that the rate of accidents involving them is 0,004%. Some operational proposals have been put forward on the improvements to be adopted to implement the use of sustainable means. The need to extend the service to the suburbs was highlighted and information was requested on the future of mobility in the city.

from 17.30pm to 19.00pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Anti-mafia (Chaired by Councilor Pantaleo Rosario)
Agenda: "World trade situation in the pandemic and post-pandemic period: conditions, problems, dangers of usury and anomalous acquisitions". Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza will be present for Confcommercio:

  • the General Secretary, Marco Barbieri;
  • the Vice President, Mario Peserico.


Updated: 28/03/2022