Calendar from 16 to 20 March 2020

from 17.30pm to 19.00pm - Postponed
Joint Council Commission on Policies for Labour, Economic Development, Productive Activities, Trade, Human Resources, Fashion, Design and Suburbs (Presided by Councilor Specchio Laura and Councilor Osculati Roberta)
Agenda: The 2020 Neighborhood School and other opportunities for the outskirts of the city".  The following will be present:

  • -Counsellor Cristina Tajani
  • -Mirko Mazzali, Neighborhoods and Municipalities Management
  • -Dr. Annibale D'Elia, Urban Economy and Work Directorate


from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Teams mode connection
Joint council commission Mobility-Transport-Environmental Policies-Energy-Civil Protection-Animals-Green and Institutional Affairs - Metropolitan City Municipality (Chaired by Councilor Monguzzi Carlo and Councilor Censi Arianna)
Agenda: Mobility situation during coronavirus emergency; 2. Examination and opinion of the proposed resolution of the municipal council "Amendment of the Regulation for the granting of contributions and other economic disbursements in favor of public and private entities pursuant to art. 12 of Law no. 241/90". The Commission will take place in Teams mode and Councilor Granelli will be present.


The Councilor first illustrated the proposed Resolution of the City Council "Amendment of the Regulation for the granting of contributions and other economic disbursements in favor of public and private entities and at the end of the illustration the Presidents declared it "Discussed and postponed" to another session.Then, the Councilor illustrated the situation of city mobility, in this period of health emergency, answering the questions posed to him by the Councillors. 

from 14.30pm to 16.00pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission for Social Policies and Health Services, Volunteering (Chaired by Councilor Vasile Angelica)
Agenda: Corona virus emergency, services over 65. Councilor Gabriele Rabaiotti will be in connection.


The Councilor for Social Policies illustrated the services implemented by the Municipality of Milan in favor of the over 65s for the corona virus emergency, including in particular the following: home shopping, free delivery of medicines, accompaniment and transport for visits medical. He therefore provided a response to the requests for information formulated by the Councilors regarding the telephone numbers to request assistance, psychological support services, training of emergency volunteers, the situation of the Milan RSAs and publicization of the services made available.

from 14.30pm to 16.00pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission for Culture (Chaired by Councilor Turco Angelo)
Agenda: "Repercussions of the health emergency on the cultural sector". Participants: Filippo Del Corno, Councilor for Culture Marco Minoja, Director of Culture


The Councilor for Culture and the Director of the Culture Department provided specifications regarding the effects of the Ordinances and Decrees of the Government and the Lombardy Region on the Culture sector, the measures developed by the Municipality and the Government in support of the Culture sector, the dialogue with Bodies and trade associations in the sector and with other cities. The Councilors asked questions on the merits which were given exhaustive answers.

from 16.30pm to 18.30pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission for Verification and Control of Investee Bodies (Chaired by Councilor De Pasquale Fabrizio)
Agenda: Scenarios and prospects of the Milan airport system in light of emergencies.

The SEA managers illustrated the situation of the Company in light of the reduction in traffic imposed following the Covid 19 pandemic. They described the negative trend in passenger traffic and the scenario at the airports, which led to the closure of Linate and Terminal 1 of Malpensa. They underlined the significant economic impact of this situation. They highlighted how Terminal 2 is, however, playing an important role as the only open airport in northern Italy together with Turin, and how it absorbs, with Bergamo, cargo traffic which, unlike passenger traffic, continues regularly. They also indicated the ways in which any positive situations are dealt with from a technical point of view. The Councilors expressed some considerations and asked questions on specific topics. The SEA managers responded fully to all of these and provided further clarifications regarding the economic situation

Updated: 27/03/2023