Calendar from 03 to 05 June 2020

from 13.00 pm to 15.00 pm - Cancelled
Trijoint Council Commission Budget-Taxes-State Property-Purchases, Urban planning-private construction, Milanese agricultural system e Tourism-Territorial Marketing-Wellbeing-Sport-Free Time (Presided over by Councilor Conte Emmanuel, Councilor Ceccarelli Bruno and Councilor Fumagalli MarcoCarlo)
Agenda: “Information and updates on the SAN SIRO area”. Will participate:

  • the Sports Councilor: Roberta Guaineri
  • the Director of the Civic Services, Participation and Sport Department: Andrea Zuccotti
  • the Councilor for Budget and State Property: Roberto Tasca
  • the Director of Financial Statements and Participates: Roberto Colangelo
  • the Urban Planning Councilor, Green: Pierfrancesco Maran
  • the Urban Planning Director: Simona Collarini



from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Tourism-Territorial Marketing-Wellbeing-Sport-Free Time (Chaired by Councilor Fumagalli MarcoCarlo)
Agenda: Coronavirus and Milanosport: examination and evaluation of the employee situation and the economic situation in this lock down period. Initiatives implemented so far and presentation of the possible initiatives already planned for reopening; possible remodulation or discounts on tariffs for those who have suffered suspension. Participants:

  • Sports Councilor: Roberta Guaineri;
  • Sports Area Director: Mario Almasio;
  • Director of the Civic Services, Participation and Sport Area: Andrea Zuccotti
  • Budget and Subsidiary Management: Laura Peroncini
  • President of MilanoSport: Chiara Bisconti;
  • Director of MilanoSport: Enzo Lamperti.


The President of Milanosport illustrated the ways in which sports facilities will be reopened, respecting ministerial indications, in order to protect users and workers from possible infections with Covid19. Furthermore, you presented the data relating to the company's revenues for 2019 and highlighted that the three months of closure, due to the lockdown, generated a loss of around four million euros which will hardly be recovered in the coming months. The Councilors asked for some clarifications on the upcoming openings of some swimming pools and on the systems being renovated, to which a prompt response was given.

from 14.30pm to 16.00pm - Teams mode connection
Council Commission Budget-Taxes-State Property-Purchases (Presided over by Councilor Count Emmanuel)
Agenda: Hearing of the Auditors of the Municipality of Milan regarding Resolution 197 - 2019 Budget Report. The following will be present:

  • Budget Councilor RobertoTasca;
  • dr. Roberto Colangelo - Director of Financial Statements and Participates;
  • The Auditors: dr. Mario Carnevale - President of the College; Dr. Mariella Spada; dr. Giuseppe Zoldan.


The members of the Board of Auditors of the Municipality expressed in depth the reasons that led them to express a positive opinion with reservations on the financial year report of the Institution relating to 2019. They clarified the reasons that led to reminding the Municipality of some points and to invite him to take specific measures. The councilors asked specific questions regarding some specific aspects to which the auditors reiterated the reasons for their opinion. The Councilor and the Offices highlighted how, on many of the points indicated, the Administration is following its own path, as well as specifying the reasons why some items are reported in the Report.

from 16.00pm to 17.30pm - Teams mode connection
Trijoint Council Commission Institutional Affairs-Metropolitan City-Municipalities, Tourism, Territorial Marketing, Wellbeing, Sport, Free Time e Verification-Control of Participated Bodies (Presided over by Councilor Censi Arianna, Councilor MarcoCarlo Fumagalli and Councilor De Pasquale Fabrizio)
Agenda: CIVIC SERVICES AND SPORTS DIRECTORATE RESOLUTION N. 205 Milano & Partners Association: amendments to the articles. 1, art. 4 penultimate paragraph, art. 14 first paragraph, art. 15 letter f) of the second paragraph, and art. 18 second and third paragraphs of the Statute.


The Councilor for Tourism, Sport and Quality of Life and the Offices illustrated the contents of the provision under examination, clarifying that the Prefecture of Milan, for the purposes of recognizing the legal personality of the Milano & Partners Association, has formulated some requests for clarifications and additions relating to articles 1, 4, 14, 15 and 18 of the Statute of the aforementioned Association. A debate followed at the end of which the Presidents declared resolution no. discussed. 205 which can therefore be submitted to the examination of the municipal council.

Updated: 08/06/2020