Calendar from 31 July to 04 August 2017

at 9.30 am Inspection
Council Commission Culture, Fashion and Design (Chaired by Councilor Bocci Paola)
Agenda: Inspection at CASVA - new Center for Advanced Studies on Visual Arts - via Isernia, 5 (QT8).
Dr. Maria Fratelli will be present.


The Culture Commission went to the former municipal market at QT8, thus being able to view the spaces of the structure, currently in a state of severe deterioration. The municipal managers, together with the representative of the Polytechnic, which is in charge of the recovery project, illustrated the planned architectural development to the commissioners present. 

from 15.00pm to 16.00pm - Commission Room
Joint Council Commission  Equal Opportunities and Civil Rights and  Social Policies and Health Services - Volunteering (Chaired by Councilors De Marchi Alessandra and Vasile Angelica)
Agenda: Presentation of maternity income.


Councilor Majorino, assisted by the Central Director of Social Policies and Health Culture, illustrated to those present the detail of the "Maternity Income". During the subsequent debate, findings emerged regarding the bonus instrument, hypothetical abuses and overlaps with other similar instruments of the State and the Lombardy Region. Furthermore, it was proposed to exceed the income limits established to benefit from the provision.

from 17.30pm to 19.00pm - Commission Room 
Council Commission  Anti-mafia (Chaired by Councilor David Gentili)  

Counterarguments to the Anac note of 4 July 2017 regarding the contracts awarded by the Municipality of Milan for the IT infrastructure of the judicial offices of the Milan court. The General Secretary Dr. will be present. Fabrizio Dell'Acqua.


The Secretary General explained what the Administration countered to the ANAC note of 4 July 2017, relating to contracts awarded by the Municipality of Milan for the IT infrastructure of the Court of Milan.
A debate followed during which some requests for clarification were presented by the President and the Commissioners highlighted the need to have access to the note sent by the Municipality of Milan to ANAC to better explore the topic discussed. 
The Secretary General provided timely answers to the questions posed; regarding the transmission of the requested document to the Commissioners, it has reserved the right to evaluate, in advance, with ANAC the admissibility of access to the documents relating to it at this stage of the procedure. 

at 10.00 am Inspection
Council Commission Innovation - Transparency - Digital Agenda - Civil Status (Chaired by Councilor Arienta Alice)
Agenda: Inspection at the Citadel of the Archives Via Ferdinando Gregorovius, 15 Milan. The following will be present at the inspection:

  • the Contact person of the Citadel of Archives,
  • dr. Francesco Martelli 
  • the dr. Andrea Zuccotti, Director of Civic Services, Participation and Sport.


The Commission went to visit the Citadel of Archives to verify the state of implementation of the recently launched experimental project relating to the digitization of administrative documents.

from 16.00pm to 17.30pm - Commission Room
Joint Council Commission  Institutional Affairs - Metropolitan City and Municipality and Urban Planning - Private Construction - Milanese Agricultural System (Chaired by the Councilors Censi Arianna and Ceccarelli Bruno)
Agenda: "In-depth analysis of the Public Debt".


Prof. Pucci, Professor of Urban Planning at the Polytechnic of Milan, provided an extensive illustration by comparing the French legislation relating to the public debate and the Italian law concerning public debate. She focused on the affinities and differences between the two procedures and placed emphasis on what was included in the implementing decree of last May. You underlined which works must be subjected by law to this procedure, of which you described the main steps. The councilors expressed assessments on the merits and asked some questions which were answered by Professor Pucci.

from 17.30pm to 19.00pm - COUNCIL CHAMBER
Joint Council Commission  Employment Policies - Economic Development - Productive Activities - Trade - Human Resources and Social Policies and Health Services - Volunteering  (Chaired by Councilors Specchio Laura and Vasile Angelica))
Agenda: Employment placement of people with disabilities through CELAV and Fleming-San Giusto. Dr. Ornella Villella CELAV Service and Dr. Raffaella Restelli for Fleming -San Giusto will be present.


The managers of CELAV and the Fleming - San Giusto center illustrated the activities of these structures which have the task of training and helping disabled people to find a job. In recent years, excellent results have been achieved with the employment of various people with problems and with interventions in companies or trade associations to raise awareness of these issues, trying to make them understand that the disabled person is not a burden but a resource. . The Commissioners expressed their appreciation for these two services and suggested expanding the number of companies available to welcome people with disabilities into their workforce.

at 10.00 am Inspection
Council Commission  Urban planning, private construction, Milanese agricultural system (Chaired by Councilor Ceccarelli Bruno)
Agenda: Inspection at the Piazzale  Baiamonti site - former Tamoil area. Discovery of the Roman walls.
Councilor Pierfrancesco Maran was invited.


The commissioners went to the Piazzale Baiamonti area, near the former Tamoil service station. In this place, following building excavations, walls dating back to the time of Spanish domination in the XNUMXth century were found. From that moment the works were blocked and the entire area was placed under the protection of the Archaeological Superintendency. The inspection allowed the councilors to realize the importance of the historical discovery and at the same time it was an opportunity to meet the representatives of citizen committees and social promotion associations who have long been following the urban arrangement of the entire neighborhood whose layout, in the last decade, it has been the subject of considerable reworking.

from 13.00pm to 14.30pm - Commission Room
Council Commission Commission Social Policies and Health Services - Volunteering (Chaired by Councilor Vasile Angelica) 
Agenda: Refugee reception plan. Councilor Pierfrancesco Majorino will be present.


The Councilor for Social Policies and the Director of the Social Emergency, Rights and Inclusion Area gave specifications relating to the reception of refugees and future prospects. The Councilors asked questions on the merits which were given exhaustive answers. At the end the President deemed the topic discussed.

from 14.30pm to 16.00pm - Commission Room
Council Commission Institutional Affairs - Metropolitan City and Municipality (Chaired by Councilor Censi Arianna)
Agenda: Amendment of the Regulations for the organization and functioning of the City Council.


The President introduced the item on the agenda. Part of the Opposition, not agreeing with some proposed changes to the Regulations for the organization and functioning of the City Council, requested that the examination of the text be postponed to the Conference of Group Leaders.


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