Roberta Osculati

Democratic Party Beppe Sala Mayor

City Councilor

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Born in the province of Varese, graduated in Languages ​​at the Catholic University of Milan, after an experience as a subject expert there, I studied and lived in Vienna, Salzburg and Zurich. 
For over twenty-five years, I have lived in Milan with my husband and our two children: one joyfully awaited, the other happily adopted.
Always in contact with young people and families, I have been a tenured high school teacher for years, active in volunteering and in Ambrosian-style associations. 
In 2016 I began my political commitment at the service of my city as a natural continuation of my commitment in the civic and educational fields, recording 100% attendance at city council meetings: as President of the Family Policies Commission I sought concrete answers to the needs of several families who live in the city and as President of the Suburbs Commission I have listened to the urban and social suburbs, supporting projects, interventions, participation and culture.
In 2021 I was re-elected and received the position of Vice President of the City Council.
Furthermore, I am an effective member of the following commissions:
• House and Neighborhood Plan  
• Mobility, Environment and Green  
• Sport, Tourism and Health Policies
• Culture 
• Welfare and Health;  
• Olympics 2026;  
• Education and Food Policy
• Prisons Subcommittee

I am available to meet citizens at my office in via Marino 7 in Milan, by appointment.

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Updated: 12/12/2023