Beatrice Luigia Elena Uguccioni

Democratic Party Beppe Sala Mayor

City Councilor

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“Some people see things for what they were and explain why. 
I dream of things that are yet to come and I say, why not" 

Robert Francis Kennedy 

I was born in Milan, married to Maurizio and mother of a young woman and two wonderful boys. 
After classical high school I graduated in Philosophy - Social Communications and Social Relations - at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, with an experimental thesis on immigration. In that same University I began my professional career as a subject expert for the teaching of Sociology of Education - Educational Sciences and as a contact person for the Documentation Center of the Department of Sociology. I then followed the organization of the Third Sector Specialization Course as a consultant.  
After that experience, I collaborated with the Italian Foundation for Volunteering and Caritas Ambrosiana on the issues of emerging needs and social hardship, and then landed at the Regional Council of Lombardy where, for 10 years, until 2006, I worked as an official dealing with of Communication, Healthcare, Labor Market and Professional Training. I have been a freelance journalist since 1999. 
On April 14, 2023, I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Ibero-American Institute for the Defense of Human Rights and Legal Sciences with the following motivation: "In victory of my effective work for over 15 years in favor of the protection of Human Rights and as an example for current generations. As well as his significant contribution in favor of the Common Good, Dialogue, the Construction of the Culture of Peace and the promotion of the restructuring of the social fabric of Italian Society".
Why politics and institutional commitment? 
I approached politics in 1987, with the socio-political training courses of the Diocese of Milan and from there was born the desire to get involved to try to impact reality. 
In 2001 I was elected to the Council of Zone 9 and I dealt in particular with Social Services and Healthcare. After 5 years in opposition, in May 2006, I was elected President of the Council of Zone 9, the only one in Milan won by the centre-left in that electoral round. Position reconfirmed with the 2011 administrative elections. 
In 2016, having concluded my experience as President of the Area Council (which in the meantime became the Municipality), I was elected City Councilor, I held the position of Vice President of the City Council and I was a member of the Budget Commissions; Urban planning; Culture; Education; Labor policies, Suburbs; Security and Anti-Mafia. In the same year I was elected Councilor in the metropolitan city and appointed member of the Board of the South Milan Agricultural Park. 
In October 2019 I was appointed to the ANCI Lombardy Board of Directors and a few months later, in July 2020, I was given the mandate for "Mobility and Network Services" in the Metropolitan City by the Mayor.  
At the October 2021 elections I was reconfirmed as City Councilor and member of the Commissions:  
• Balance;  
• House and Neighborhood Plan;  
• Urban Regeneration;  
• Mobility and Environment;  
• Culture;  
• Welfare and Health;  
• Security and social cohesion;  
• Olympics and Paralympics. 
In December 2021, with my reconfirmation as Metropolitan City Councillor, the Mayor assigned me the responsibility for Infrastructure in addition to that for Mobility.  
At the end of May 2023 I resigned from the Metropolitan City.
As regards my political commitment, alongside my institutional one, I was responsible for the promotion of female participation in the Margherita and a member of the National Assembly.  
I am a member of the management of the Milan Metropolitan Democratic Party which, in 2018, elected me President. Role I held until September 2023. From March 2019 to March 2023 I was a member of the PD National Assembly. 
Since October 2023 I have been confirmed as a member of the Milan Metropolitan PD Directorate and appointed within the Regional Assembly of the PD.

I meet citizens in via Marino 7, by appointment by contacting the numbers 02.884.50304; 3346048266 
“You can't say you love your city if you don't respect those who live there." 
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Updated: 12/12/2023