Angelica Vasily

Democratic Party Beppe Sala Mayor

City Councilor

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I was born in Bucharest on December 29, 1984, at the age of 6 I arrived in Milan and lived in this beautiful city, carrying my origins in my heart. I graduated in economics and finance with honors and after some work experience I won a scholarship for a PhD in Economic Sociology at the University of Milan.

My passion for politics was born from the stories of my grandfather Emilio, the one who first passed on to me the values ​​of Resistance and Freedom, the same values ​​that pushed me to actively engage in politics. I started in high school and continued at University, where, as a student representative in the State Equal Opportunities Committee, I worked hard with my classmates to get the Guarantor against sexual harassment and any kind of discrimination, from homophobia to disability.

My commitment to giving voice to the weakest pushed me to get to know the vast and wonderful world of volunteering, where I had the opportunity, through various projects, to work with children in difficulty or with disabilities and to cultivate another great passion which is for the protection of the environment and the protection of animals, participating in national and international work camps.

The encounter with the world of volunteering, combined with the fight against discrimination of all kinds, gave life to the project I am most proud of: Stop Otello!

Fermati Otello is an association that I founded a few years ago which organizes courses in schools to prevent gender violence, homophobia, bullying and discrimination and numerous events involving parliamentarians, law enforcement agencies and voluntary associations. and private companies. I am convinced that we can emerge from violence together.

I was elected President of the commission advising on social policies, health services and volunteering, a very demanding commission which includes many issues that are close to my heart: from gender violence to the fight against poverty, from support to people at risk of marginalization to immigration, from interventions in favor of people with disabilities up to volunteering.

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Updated: 12/12/2023