Alice Arienta

Democratic Party Beppe Sala Mayor

City Councilor

Write to the councilor:

I was  born in Milan in 1980  and I live in the S.Siro area with my husband and our two children. After graduating in Political Economy at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and some experiences abroad, I worked for 10 years in an international company. When I became a mother I started looking for a balance between family and work. A balance that I try hard to maintain every day, like most working mothers. I therefore became a professional tour guide, a job that I do with passion and love for my city.
For two years I have been managing a blog called travel near home, to discover hidden places and curious itineraries in our city, also for families with children.

I approached politics in 2006 through a training course, for me politics is passion, service and commitment. I then joined the coordination of the Pd MiMa XXV April club in the Porta Vercellina area and took my first steps in the neighborhood where I was born. Majority councilor (Democratic Party) in the Zone 7 Council from 2011 to 2015, I was Vice President of the Culture Commission and President of the Social Cohesion and Security Commission. 
Since June 2016 I have been elected City Councilor on the Democratic Party list for Mayor Beppe Sala.

I love Milan and I hope to be an effective and positive presence in the City Council.

I am President of the Innovation, Transparency and Digital Agenda Commission and Vice President of the Sport, Wellbeing and Tourism Commission.

I receive citizens every week in via Marino 7 on the 4th floor by appointment via email or telephone

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Updated: 11/12/2023