Alessandro Verri

Lega Salvini Premier council group

Municipal councilor

Write to the advisor:

I am 27 years old and in politics I fight for our ideals both as a councilor of the League in Municipality 4 of Milan and as coordinator of the youth movement of Lombardy. In fact, I believe very much in culture and in the eternal and immutable values ​​that it can teach us. I am linked to the world of volunteering and assistance to the most vulnerable people and in this area I try to do my part by collaborating personally. 
I am firmly convinced of the importance of environmental transition, fully respecting our common home, which is the legacy we will leave to future generations.
I love Milan very much and I am sure that a lot can be done for the city where I was born and live, to contribute to the development of our community, to help the suburbs, to listen to young people, to be close to the elderly and the weakest people. My door is always open for everyone.

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Updated: 11/12/2023