Alessandro DeChirico

Forza Italia Berlusconi For Bernardo Mayor

City Councilor

Write to the advisor:

Milan is where I was born in 1978. I grew up in zone 7, in San Siro, in a modest family that taught me to face everyday difficulties. 
The love for my city has developed in me since I was a boy, when I started volunteering as an extra-didactic educator in the elementary school in via Carlo Dolci and in the middle school in via Milesi. 
Being in daily contact with children and families in neighborhoods with many problems gave rise to the political passion in me that still drives me to face the challenges of Milanese families. 
I still live in San Siro with my wife Danila and in 2011 I was elected to the Zone 7 Council. 
In the five years of opposition, I supported the battles of the inhabitants of my area, I fought the hardships of a working-class suburb and addressed all the needs of the people who turned to me. 
The work done over all these years has earned me the trust of the Milanese who elected me to this Administration

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Updated: 07/05/2024