Carlo Monguzzi

Green Europe council group Beppe Sala Mayor

Municipal councilor

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Carlo Monguzzi is a chemical engineer and has been a mathematics teacher. He contributed to the birth of the Greens, and of Legambiente of which he was Regional President. In 1993 as Regional Councilor for the Environment he promoted the first law on separate waste collection and the first Air Plan against smog, then continuing to fight against illicit waste trafficking, against the felling of trees, against hunting, against the overbuilding of the territory and the consumption of land and for total transparency and honesty in the management of public affairs. He helped found Mondo Gatto and with other authors wrote two books: “Nuclear Illusion” and “Sustainable Environmentalism”. He loves classical music, Flemish painting and good food. In the Municipality, in the ranks of the PD, he was president of the Environment and Mobility Commission and contributed to the measures to protect the environment implemented in Milan. As a city councilor for the 2015-2021 legislature he took part in 100% of the City Council meetings (379 out of 379) because he firmly believes in the seriousness of a commitment. For this new legislature he was elected on the Europa Verde Sala Mayor list of which he is group leader in the City Council.

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Updated: 11/12/2023