Animal guarantors

Professor Gandini and Professor Fossati  they are the members of the office of the Animal Guarantor of the Municipality of Milan.

The two Guarantors accepted the assignment pro bono. They will dedicate themselves together to the tasks involved in this role, sharing their skills and putting them at the service of the city of Milan, out of a pure spirit of dedication.

Confirmed university researcher in legal medicine and veterinary legislation, animal protection and ethics at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Milan. Veterinary doctor, registered with the Order of Milan, she is a specialist in pathology and clinical care of companion animals and a specialist in veterinary law and legislation; she holds a Master's degree in scientific communication.

After initially starting her profession in the clinical field and then in the laboratory medicine sector, she dedicated herself to research and teaching activities in the field of forensic medicine and veterinary legislation, dealing in particular with regulations and policies on animal welfare and protection. 

He has coordinated research projects for the protection of dogs housed in shelters and since 2017 he has been responsible for the "Feli-life" project, aimed at improving the quality of life in catteries.
In recent years it has expanded its field of study, research and teaching to the new disciplinary area of ​​animal bioethics; he is Vice President of the Animal Protection Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan, member of the FNOVI national consultancy on ethics, science and the veterinary profession, member of the Ethics Committee of the IZS of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna; she was a member of the Ethics Committee of the University of Milan from 2009 to 2015.

Five years ago, Prue, a little yorkie he met in the municipal kennel in Milan, where she had arrived as an adult following a kidnapping for mistreatment, entered his life: now they are inseparable.

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Graduated in Veterinary Medicine, full professor of Animal Genetics and President of the Management Committee of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan.
At university he teaches and does research in the fields of animal genetics and conservation; he also deals with bioethics applied to animals and chairs the Animal Protection Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan. 

He has always worked in the protection of biodiversity and management of wild animals.
Since 1982 he has been the representative for Italy of the International Primate Protection League (USA) and from 2009 to 2012 he was Vice President of WWF-Italy.

In Africa he worked in Senegal, in the rehabilitation of chimpanzees confiscated from illegal trade into the wild; in South Africa and Namibia in the veterinary medicine of free-living and captive wild animals. Since 1996 you have been involved in forest protection in Central Africa, in Gabon, coordinating a consortium of Italian and Gabonese foundations.

He also deals with biodiversity in the urban environment and coordinates the project "Butterfly Effect", a network of people who work to recreate an environment suitable for butterflies in the city.

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Updated: 21/05/2024