Appointments and Regulations

The Mayor is responsible for the nomination, designation and revocation of the Municipality's representatives at entities, companies, institutions and investee companies.

In compliance with the Statute of the Municipality of Milan, the "Regulation on the guidelines and procedures for the appointment, designation and revocation of representatives of the Municipality at Bodies, Companies, Institutions and Participatory Companies" was approved.

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The Expert Commission was appointed by the City Council with resolution no. 102 of 22 November 2021.

The Expert Commission is composed as follows:

  • Prof. Francesca Biondi;
  • Lawyer Ada Grecchi;
  • Prof. Antonella Occhino;
  • Dr. Renzo Noceti;
  • Lawyer Guido Reggiani.

Mayor's Cabinet Area and Relations with Participatory Bodies
Legal Affairs, Appointments and Assignments Unit
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Updated: 20/02/2024