Simple Civic Access

With the instrument of civic access, provided for by art. 5, c.1 of Legislative Decree no. 33 of 2013, anyone can monitor both the correct formal fulfillment of the publication obligations in the Transparent Administration section of the Municipality of Milan and the purposes and methods of use of public resources by the Municipal Administration.

In particular, it is possible to report the omitted or incomplete publication of data and information that the Municipality of Milan is required to publish and update in compliance with Legislative Decree 14 March 2013, n. 33.
The reports must be forwarded to the General Secretary in his capacity as Transparency Manager of the Municipality of Milan according to one of the following methods:

For this purpose the form.
The obligation of the managers responsible for the administration offices to ensure the timely and regular flow of information to be published for the purposes of complying with the terms established by Legislative Decree no. remains unchanged. 33 of 2013.

Updated: 04/04/2024