Municipal Notice Board

Public administrations have the obligation to respect the principle of transparency of administrative action in implementation of the constitutional principles of impartiality and good administration. In fact, transparency is one of the essential levels of services to be guaranteed on the national territory, according to article 117, paragraph 2, letter m) of the Constitution.

The Praetorian Register online
The obligations to publish administrative documents and provisions having the effect of legal publicity are considered fulfilled with the publication on their IT sites by the administrations and public bodies required to do so (Law 18 June 2009, no. 69).

Local authorities are therefore required to establish the technical and organizational methods that guarantee the publication of documents as required by current legislation on transparency, internal regulations and taking into account the provisions of article 26 of law 241/1990.

The citizen can access the notice board from the Institution's institutional website, created in such a way as to respect the principles of:

  • accessibility
  • high usability
  • also available to disabled people
  • completeness of information: clarity of language, reliability, ease of consultation, quality
  • homogeneity and interoperability

as required by Article 53 of the Digital Administration Code.

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Updated: 23/01/2024