Register of Religious Associations and Organizations

The establishment ofRegister of Religious Associations and Organizations represents a significant step in the construction of a dialogue between the different cultural belongings, a dialogue understood as recognition of the public value of religious associations as a fundamental element for civil coexistence, orderly and participated by all its components.

With Management Resolution no. 298 of 21.12.2015, the list of religious Associations/Organisations present in the city territory to be registered in the Register and which submitted an application on the occasion of the recent reopening of the terms of the Public Notice for its updating was approved.

Through the establishment and periodic updating of the Register, the Municipal Administration intends to allow for a more adequate knowledge of the Religious Communities present in the territory of the city of Milan and to guarantee a more effective exercise of municipal competences regarding the protection of the constitutional right of free religious expression.

As foreseen by the City Council resolution n.2475 of 30.11.2012, the Register will be periodically updated by opening the deadlines for the submission of registration applications. 

Updated: 03/02/2022