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Gold Medal of Memory
The contribution he makes as a university professor, researcher in the study of collective movements and as a writer is significant. In Milan, which he loves very much, he defines his orientation in studies, introduces new disciplines and marks the analysis of society. At the Catholic University, the meeting with Father Agostino Gemelli led him to the development of sociology, a discipline that also knows how to reform language, orienting it towards the understanding of modern society through the analysis of the system of mass consumption and of the leaders in collective movements, extending its scope to the study of the delicate passages in couple relationships. Collaborator of the Corriere della Sera, President of Rai, among his many activities he is also a professor in Milan, Trento, Catania, and finally Rector of the IULM University, which innovates making it the University we know today.
Face and soul of the battle for the truth about the controversial tragedy of the Moby Prince, together with his brother Luchino, he is committed to shedding light on the disaster of 10 April 1991, in which his father Ugo, commander of the ship, and 149 other people lost their lives , including his mother. Determined and never resigned, he fought until the last years of his life and was the author of a counter-investigation which culminated in the verdict of a parliamentary commission which relieved his father of the responsibilities of incompetence. He chooses Milan to specialize in his studies and participates in the city's social life from the basketball courts of Pallacanestro Guido Rossi, his other family, where he leaves his mark as a champion of healthy values ​​and baskets. Head of orthopedics at the San Paolo Hospital, he stands out for his competence and kindness towards the most needy people.
Unique voice and music in the blood. She has breathed it since birth in a family of composers, conductors and opera singers. Her innate talent blossomed at a very young age and became a vocation when, upon meeting Don Luigi Giussani, she decided that singing was the highest and most sublime of all the arts because, with a song, one could speak to God. Not yet twenty years old, she renewed religious singing as the author of lyrics and melodies loved and adopted by communities of believers around the world. She interprets, enhances and disseminates compositions from the most diverse musical cultures, from Brazil to Ireland, from Russian songs to spirituals. She accompanies her very rich activity as a singer-songwriter with that of an educator, involving very young people and adults in choral singing to whom, for decades, with attitude and ability, she teaches to bring out their voice, to sing "with a reason".
Farsighted entrepreneur, esteemed manager in the public and private sector, in Italy and abroad. His commitment to legality, transparency and respect for labor rights makes him unpopular with organized crime. But the service carried out under escort for Sogemi, the Municipality company that manages the vegetable market, is only a small part of the important career of Luigi Predeval: founder and president of Mediaworld, for over thirty years he manages and presides over Italian companies and multinationals. He was responsible for the development of commercial strategies that led large industrial groups to create thousands of jobs. He is also CEO and director of Inter. Gigi's professional legacy remains tangible not only in Milan but in all the places where he worked.
Milan becomes his new home when he decides to move here to realize his life and work independently. Moving away from your homeland and your loved ones to find your own path is a strong choice and shows all the determination of a woman with an always sweet and kind attitude. Her very young life, full of hope and ambition, is cut short by brutal and repugnant violence which also kills Thiago, the child she is carrying. Preserving her memory, honoring her story, telling the tragedy that shattered her dreams are the way to reject violence and abuse against women, in every form and manifestation. A warning to everyone to renew the cultural and social commitment to prevention and to work together to support the victims. So that it's never too late again.
Certificates of Civic Merit
Laboratory of active citizenship, a workshop of ideas, innovations, sustainable services and cultural projects, a real workshop of opportunities for all ages. It hosts different realities, including a farmers' market, a bar restaurant, a WeMi desk, a nursery, a bookshop, a cooking school, a social carpentry shop and several cooperatives that deal with professional placement. It organizes training seminars, exhibitions and conferences, as well as theater and yoga courses, film screenings, free and open festivals and concerts, with more than 150 artists involved in the last year alone. After a long restoration work, an example of bottom-up regeneration of a public good, it becomes a space accessible to all, a point of reference capable of involving institutions, companies, non-profit organizations, citizens in a ferment of continuous participation .
Born on 1 October 1948, on the initiative of seven record companies, it has been working to protect the Italian music industry for 75 years. Today it brings together and represents over 760 Italian producer companies and characterizes its commitment to defending their role with the aim of enhancing and encouraging production free from the majors in the Italian and foreign markets. The strong bond with Milan, the epicenter of Italian music with over 6.000 employees, characterizes the activity of the association, partner and promoter of cultural events, including the Milan Music Week and the Nuovi Talenti Festival. Starting from the Milan office, it carries out activities for the protection and historical valorization of the Italian musical heritage, in which the Lombard capital has always excelled, and protects the rights of its artists, producers and composers.
It was born from the dream of a woman in love with classical dance, Mrs. Etta, to transform her great passion into a concrete project for girls and boys, girls and boys. At the center is the desire to grow the talent of dancers on stage and in life thanks to the educational value of the art of dance. As with its protagonists, step by step, the stage becomes more and more important with two city events, the International Classical Dance Award at the Manzoni Theater and the Artistic Residencies Award at the Arcimboldi Theater. A success that does not remain an end in itself, but opens up to solidarity towards research, health and social assistance associations in support of childhood.
Established over 100 years ago, in 1921, its future lies in its commitment to road safety education for boys and girls in primary and nursery schools. Over the years they have become a point of reference and collaborate with the Ministries of Transport, Defence, Education, with the school office and the local police of Milan. In the classes in which they teach they interpret road safety as an important element of civic and ethical education, capable of encouraging a sense of individual and collective responsibility to make conscious choices on the road and in life. Their activity is an integral and indispensable part of accident prevention programs and in favor of road safety. Today their experience as passionate and competent volunteers also extends to the training of teachers.
Since its foundation in 1997, it has carried out cultural, editorial, research and publications on local history, all aimed at creating a sense of belonging, cultural growth and social cohesion in the territory of Municipality 4. It publishes a monthly information and culture magazine spread throughout the area, and since 2010 it has also started an editorial line with the publication of numerous local history books, the result of archival research and interviews with the characters who have lived or are living those stories. In its constant commitment to the valorisation of the territory, it has organized guided tours in the Porta Vittoria area, from Largo Marinai d'Italia to the former Macello, and series of meetings on authors and crime books set in the Town Hall, pursuing exclusively civic purposes, solidarity, of social utility and of protection and protection of the collective good.
Promoter of the values ​​of equality, solidarity, cooperation and participation, it has been active in Quarto Oggiaro since 2008. Thanks to the precious work of her volunteers, she coordinates and brings together 21 entities that operate in the area; in a few years she managed to become the protagonist of projects and activities in various city districts, including Vialba, Roserio, Villapizzone, Musocco and Certosa. With the ability to listen that distinguishes her, she gives voice to the needs of the territory by pursuing principles of integration, discussion and coexistence together with the guarantee of access to citizenship rights for all citizens. Her role, which was decisive for the birth of the House of Associations of Municipality 8, allowed the creation of numerous initiatives of an informative nature on cultural themes, environmental sustainability and territorial protection.
Those who knew her, even for just a moment, were forever struck by her strength, her revolutionary, critical, counter-current, sometimes edgy character; but also by the dedication and passion, by the courage and political commitment that she makes available to the people in the Molise-Calvairate-Ponti public housing district, starting from the most vulnerable. In 1979 he founded the Tenants Committee, a unique organization in Milan, in defense of the rights of a vast and heterogeneous community, where Italian courses for foreigners, after-school activities for boys and girls, legal assistance and apartment maintenance are organised. But above all it is a supportive, cheerful, lively, autonomous collective. His is a model of active citizenship and social commitment due to the centrality of working-class neighborhoods, but also of stubborn faith in the possibility of change and redemption.
It's more than just a restaurant: in Washington DC it is considered an institution. Founded by Franco Nuschese in 1992 in the Georgetown neighborhood, a meeting point for politicians of all persuasions, it is an obligatory stop for heads of state, prime ministers, diplomats, lobbyists, journalists and artists who find themselves in the American capital. The flag of the City at the entrance, the map of the Milan metro on the ceiling of the main room, the signed scarves on the walls, the photos depicting the Milanese streets of fashion and Italian cuisine are the way to pay homage to our city, as well as a clear reference to Italian style. It offers its guests a welcoming, serene and respectful atmosphere, capable of putting women and men of all ages at ease. For over thirty years it has hosted meetings and fundraising events for various civil society associations and activists.
A pulsating and active presence for 75 years, it is a point of reference both for the neighborhood and its community, and for the city as a whole. A meeting place, sociality and culture for adults and children, the club was founded thanks to the determination and intuition of a group of Freedom fighters militants in the Green Flames during the Resistance. Thanks to the support of hundreds of members, the commitment of volunteers and the synergy with the many associations of Municipality 3 and beyond, since 1948 it has shared and promoted activities for accessible living, sports initiatives, music and languages, thematic insights, exhibitions, film reviews and shows. In the typical Ambrosian collaborative style, it stands out as a concrete service to the city.
It works in favor of citizens, organizing and promoting solidarity and cultural initiatives, with the aim of enhancing participation and social inclusion. Attentive to health issues with the Society and Health Laboratory, during the pandemic it stands out for bringing hope and courage to many lonely people through meetings, concerts and streaming seminars. There are many institutions, bodies and associations with which it collaborates and with which it feeds the so-called "network of Good", aware that change in society depends on the responsibility of each individual to act for the common good. He works to protect the memory of Milan with walks in the city. The commitment made to help the Ukrainian people is important, also through the collection of goods to be allocated to refugees and moments of awareness and prayer for peace.
For 44 years it has taken care of, rearranges and returns to the community the documentary memory of the City and its institutions. Born thanks to the intuition of some young undergraduates and the inspiration of Franco Della Peruta, professor of History of the Risorgimento at the University of Milan, it becomes an established and recognized reality throughout Italy. Its archivists and librarians know how to innovate the profession, safeguarding memory and continually seeking new ways of giving it back to the community, in the awareness that cultural rights constitute an essential part of human rights. A commitment that they carry forward in historical, literary and artistic teaching courses, proposed to citizens and schools even in disadvantaged neighborhoods and with the use of inclusive tools, best interpreting the cultural mission from a social point of view.
From his parents he received a special inheritance: the vocation to care and a hospital in Northern Uganda. But her path was already marked as a child, when she followed her mother and father among the patients' beds or when, as a girl, she assisted them as an surgeon in the operating room. Becoming a doctor doesn't even seem like a choice, but just the natural continuation of a journey that began alongside Piero and Lucille. A journey that engages her every day in seeking funds for the Lacor Hospital, one of the largest hospital facilities in equatorial Africa, capable of assisting 200.000 patients every year, even free of charge, thanks to the work of over 700 Ugandan employees. From her Milan office she works tirelessly to ensure support for one of the poorest populations on the planet, combining self-sacrifice and generosity with the best entrepreneurial spirit.
It works to encourage the growth of local communities through the activation of the citizens who animate them, in the firm belief that neighborhoods are not the place where problems manifest themselves, but above all the place where the most suitable solutions are born and developed. why you participate. In its thirty years of activity, it has launched support services for elderly people, people with disabilities, vulnerable families and minors in difficulty, always trying to build an offer open to everyone and enhancing the synergy between professional operators and the nearly 300 volunteers. Together with the institutions and entities of the Third Sector, you collaborate in the construction of support networks to contribute to the creation of that proximity welfare which, especially in large urban centres, represents the most effective response to the increasingly widespread loneliness.
It is committed to making known the Righteous, guardians of humanity, barriers to evil, opponents of genocide and persecution. It gives life to the Garden of the Righteous from all over the world, to Monte Stella, a solemn Memorial that attracts and unites institutions, schools, associations and individual citizens who want to listen to what happened and not repeat the mistakes of the past. It inspires the creation of more than 200 other gardens, promotes the establishment at European level of the Day of the Righteous, on March 6, to spread values ​​of responsibility, tolerance and solidarity. It offers a valuable contribution to the social, cultural and artistic life of Milan, through the promotion of educational projects, theatrical performances and seminars. With the sole weapon of Memory, in the precise belief that it is a powerful educational tool, he leads a battle against oblivion to prevent new crimes against humanity.
Since 1998 it has worked to protect and defend the right to inclusion of those affected by autism spectrum disorders, making use of the precious life experience of its founders. With the aim of supporting people in the pursuit of a dignified and as autonomous existence as possible, in 2002 he launched the Cascina Rossago experiment, the first Italian farm community that welcomes guests with a severe form of autism. A house in which, working the land, taking care of animals and carrying out artisanal activities, twenty-four boys and girls can put into practice that principle of "after and during us" which will be affirmed and formally recognized with a specific law only fourteen years later. An innovative and visionary project that is able to gather consensus and recognition from the public and private sectors, which are fundamental for continuing to guarantee opportunities for redemption and opportunities for many young people and their families.
A 'start up before its time' born from the creativity and intuition of some enterprising mothers. Since then, in an increasingly professional path, she places herself alongside boys and girls to accompany them in their growth by stimulating their imagination and intelligent fun. In an iconic environment for Milan, it grows by involving families and schools in workshops, exhibitions, educational and pedagogical and cultural in-depth courses, widening the network to educational agencies, businesses and institutions. A place of training even for the older ones, it is a precious center of education and cultural promotion where also important themes, such as the discovery of space and oneself, the perception of colors and shapes, saving, civic education and objectives of sustainability of the 2030 Agenda, find space through play and experience.
It has been operating in the area, as a non-profit organisation, since 1985. It actively collaborates with political and cultural forces, associations and institutions that care about the environment, the quality and ethics of life. It develops its activities in the scientific, technological and cultural fields by making use of the skills of its members. This commitment allows us to present various projects, including an educational area in the Alessandrini park, dedicated to boys and girls with a vegetable garden and orchard, and a study for the disposal and energy valorisation of sewage sludge. It promotes the creation of the "Fiume Lambro Lucente" Landscape Observatory, committed to stopping degradation and protecting the territory surrounding the river. With its commitment, it represents that part of civil society that makes environmental protection an indispensable objective.
Student representative, protagonist of the 'tents in the square' protest in front of the Milan Polytechnic, she brought to the attention of public opinion the difficulties of male and female students in dealing with the costs of renting accommodation. With determination and communication skills you highlighted the problems and risks of high rents. Her protest has given voice to thousands of young people from many Italian cities, encouraging them to engage in the same battle and ask for answers from the institutions. With her example, she has allowed the birth of a widespread movement on housing issues that fights to promote fair support measures for students and people in difficulty by supporting the right to housing. Her action, which immediately went viral through the media and social networks, had the merit of bringing the housing emergency to the center of the Italian debate.
Driving his taxi one night last summer in the streets around the Darsena, he saw a boy attacked by four criminals armed with a knife. She honks to make them run away, reaches the boy, makes him get on board and brings him back home safely. His immediate instinct of solidarity and courage in facing a dangerous situation, without looking the other way and putting himself on the line at his own risk, are an example of civility for everyone. The gesture of that night gives shape and substance to the concept of community, which exists only when everyone does their part to help those in difficulty. It is a call to everyone's conscience to multiply the small and large solidarity and selfless actions that have always characterized humanity and the hospitality of our city.
Independent and non-profit study centre, with the experience of over thirty professionals in different fields and disciplines, it has been carrying out research, study and in-depth activities for a decade to understand the political and social phenomena of the Milan metropolitan area . It offers and guarantees constant support for territorial governance with the aim of promoting the transparency of decisions, support for development and the facilitation, through the study of social dynamics, of conscious and virtuous attitudes on the part of citizens and institutions . Thanks to its precious and rigorous expertise, it places social innovation at the center of its activity and the worthy objective of contributing to informing public opinion by eliminating fake news and unreliable data.
Gold Medals
Born in Palestine and raised between Saudi Arabia and Jordan, he has always had the dream of becoming a doctor in his heart. He moved to Italy to study and started working to support himself. His will is such that he graduates in progress and with excellent grades. He comes to Milan, a city he loves for its cosmopolitan and welcoming spirit, to specialize in cardiac surgery and soon the Monzino Cardiology Centre, where he is now director of Unit, becomes his home. Here he takes up the challenge of operating on the hearts of patients with a closed chest, in endoscopy. He is considered one of the leading experts in this minimally invasive technique which he decides to make known in the Middle East by training local surgeons and participating in humanitarian missions. The first to also operate on pediatric patients, he offers his professional skills to the most fragile and disadvantaged.
His professional and human story is an extraordinary journey, full of generosity and perseverance. Qualities that guide him in the realization of a dream: to donate to Milan a place dedicated to the assistance and accompaniment of terminally ill patients. A dream that began to materialize in 1997 when, as director of general surgery at the European Oncology Institute, he received a substantial inheritance and created Lu.VI onlus, to promote and finance the Cascina Brandezzata Project. A hospice dedicated to the reception and care of terminally ill patients, as well as research into palliative care and pain therapy. An integrated project that is a tribute to his vision and constant commitment to putting the home dimension of care at the center and creating a significant impact on the health and care of terminally ill patients.
For twelve years he presided over the Piazza Fontana 12 December 1969 Association, founded to support the reasons of the families of the victims of the Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura massacre and never stopped seeking truth and justice amidst silence, misdirection and courtrooms. With the affirmation of procedural truth, he directs his commitment to the valorization of historical memory, in the defense of constitutional and democratic values. This evolution leads to participation in social life with the organization of many public meetings and, above all, with the assiduous presence in schools to contribute to the construction of the collective identity of young people. An ethical and pedagogical effort also recognized by the Ministry of Education, an openness to the city and attention to the educational role of which he is, with rigor, determination and great industriousness, the main architect.
From tourist villages to cabaret, arriving almost by chance on the television stage. From here it becomes known to the general public. The daily life of the neighborhood where he was born and continues to live is the inspiration for creating sketches and jokes. The defects and foibles of the Milanese who are the protagonists give him his stage name and popularity. He stands out in television programs known as a hotbed of talent. Between extreme portraits, monologues and jokes, he brings to the stage the limits of human encounters and family life, convinced as a comedian that laughter can help make life lighter.
Architect, landscape designer and urban planner, pioneer of urban regeneration. It was 1983 when, under his direction, the Parco Nord Milano project, which until then had remained only on paper, took off in the disused area of ​​the former Breda factory. It is the first modern park in the city and the first example of large-scale landscape construction through skilful actions of physical and social re-stitching of places, in a process that still continues today. Thanks to the innovative approach, based on the experimentation of advanced forestry, ecological and landscape techniques, the park has grown over the years to extend to 600 hectares with clearings, roads and water. A model that is still replicated today in numerous public space redevelopment interventions. An example of how passion and innovation can transform marginality into vitality, positively influencing the urban fabric to create lively and sustainable communities.
He chose Milan for his professional growth. He started from an internship in the editorial staff of Il Giornale and, dealing with news, politics and foreign affairs, he rose to hold the roles of editor-in-chief, deputy director and co-director. His passion for the United States becomes a profession when, as a correspondent, he follows and reports on the presidential elections in 2008 and 2012. In those years he is among the 'Young Leaders' of the Council for Italy-United States Relations, which brings together 45 personalities most deserving international Under 40s. A sports lover, he dedicates his articles in Il Foglio and some books to football, including "Doppio passi" which receives the Coni Award for sports literature. From the print media of newspapers and magazines, he arrives at SKY Sport to take the helm of SKY Tg24, a newspaper which celebrates 20 years this year and which he has led since 2019.
First woman to graduate in aeronautical engineering in 1962, consultant for NASA and the European Space Agency, professor of orbital mechanics and director of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic. Her house has the edge of the universe. She participates in the design of a comet drill that travels 500 million kilometers from Earth and describes the stars as "something so beautiful that when he created them the Eternal Father must have smiled". For years you have promoted the involvement of women in STEM disciplines, encouraging them to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics and, due to your career and your enthusiasm, you are a mentor to hundreds of girls. As demonstrated by her story, as a scientist and mother of five children, it is the choices that go against the grain that fight prejudice and pave the way for change.
The commitment to Milan is in his family's DNA and in him, an entrepreneur and active member of the Jewish community, it finds a precise declination: enhancing the City and promoting its excellence on the national and international circuits. He does this through the publication of maps and magazines designed specifically for foreign guests and, since 2012, thanks to the many initiatives launched by the Milano Loves You association, which has his entire program in its name. He is among the founding members of the Angels of Beauty with which, as a volunteer, he aims to restore decorum in the neighborhoods and above all to be an example for young people, spreading an educational message of respect for the common good and civic commitment. From fundraising events to digital education programs, his goal is to reduce inequalities, the social gap and the need of the vulnerable.
Cultural operator, journalist, screenwriter and film producer, creator and founder of the Fuoricinema festival, she has always dealt with social issues and, in particular, the condition of women. In 2018 you released “Nome di Donna” at the cinema, on the theme of harassment in the workplace, directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, for which you wrote the story and screenplay. His latest, important work is the screenplay, co-authored with Silvio Soldini, of the documentary film "Another Tomorrow", the result of a long investigation in police stations, anti-violence centers and shelters, listening to the voices of those who suffer the violence, but also of the men who perpetrate it, and of all those who with a great sense of responsibility try every day to counter it. Her cultural and social commitment is a voice of awareness and denunciation aimed at the entire community.
He interprets the medical profession in the broadest way, moving from the organization of important international summits to the charitable assistance of the neediest patients. Director of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Unit, he is a point of reference for the city and national hospital structure for everything concerning spinal pathologies. The cutting edge of his studies has made a decisive contribution to research and has allowed important progress to be made in improving the quality of life of patients suffering from trauma and deformities. Promoter of moments of discussion among the scientific community, he dedicates himself to the training of future doctors from the classrooms of the University of Milan. Attentive to prevention as well as treatment, he has started a pilot project for scoliosis screening in primary and secondary schools.
At the helm of Telethon, he works daily at the service of science and people. Founder of the first nucleus of the research and development direction, in 2018 she promoted the creation of a fund to finance startups that deal with rare genetic pathologies, thus contributing to strengthening the Milanese infrastructure in which she was formed and is grown up. Inspired by the principle according to which "every life counts", she guides the Foundation in its most courageous choice: to become the first non-profit organization in the world which, replacing the pharmaceutical industry, produces and distributes the therapy for a rare disease that the market does not considered profitable due to the low number of patients involved. Thanks to this decision, 45 girls and boys from all over the world suffering from ADA-SCID have the opportunity to lead a freer and more peaceful life today.
He dedicates his life to running and sport, first as a middle-distance runner for the historic Milanese club Pro Patria, where he began running at the age of 15, then as a teacher, coach and journalist. He discovers and trains many young talents, contributing to the prestige of Italian athletics in Europe and internationally. Gaetano Erba, Alberto Cova, Francesco Panetta, Danilo Goffi and Giovanna Epis are just some of the champions who have achieved important sporting goals since 1971, following his teachings. In 52 years of activity as a coach, he saw over sixty of his athletes wear the colors of the national team and, together with them, he obtained 121 Italian titles and 30 international medals. His contribution to the sporting community is in the prestige of the medals won, but even more in the passion and values ​​of sport that he has always conveyed.
Little Emran is one of the first children to be born in Milan in 2023. It is the early afternoon of January 3 when his mother, Nezha Mkadmi, alone at home with her eight-year-old daughter, understands that that moment is about to arrive. The little girl calls the ambulance, alarms the neighbors and among these there are those who immediately realize the gravity of the situation and with great audacity and humanity become a midwife and give birth to Emran. “He IS my angel”, Nezha says of her, who in the solidarity and closeness of the woman finds the strength and courage necessary to give birth to her son. From an almost unknown neighbor, she becomes the prototype of the 'accidental hero' which, if you look closely, never happens to be. From the San Siro neighborhood she delivers to the city another beautiful story of mutual help, but above all a reflection on the importance of being there for each other, overcoming silence and indifference.
Over the course of thirty years, he was called to lead the most complex penitentiary realities: from Busto Arsizio to Monza, from the super prison of Trani to Sulmona, from Opera, where he lived for a decade under guard due to threats from Totò Riina, to the district of San Vittore. He leaves his mark on every structure he manages, for his ability to create new opportunities for recovery, introduce innovative organizational models, build bridges with the outside world for the reintegration of male and female prisoners. A work "of heart and courage", he defines it, which he makes available to train new prison administrators and which ultimately stands out even during the pandemic. To metaphorically open the doors of prison he also uses writing, with books in which he shares his own most delicate and painful experiences and those of those who, having lost their freedom, try to regain it.
Children and adolescents, female and maternal identity are at the center of her studies permeated by the psychoanalytic thought that accompanies her intellectual and professional path. As a psychotherapist she deals with childhood, family and school problems, collaborating with the Juvenile Court and the Pediatric Department of the San Carlo Hospital. You teach dynamic psychology at the University of Pavia. She has been involved in volunteering since 1980, she participates in the Feminist Movement and is among the founders of the Bioethics Council. Since 2017 she has been vice president of the Casa della Cultura in Milan, which she entered for the first time at 19 years old. She is committed to the scientific dissemination of psychoanalysis, she is the author of numerous books well known by her students and her students whom she has always encouraged to face studies and life without being afraid.
Great Gold Medal
Its history is closely intertwined with that of the city in which it grows a community that today has 60.000 students. Born from the passionate and far-sighted commitment of Luigi Mangiagalli, Mayor of Milan and first rector, it receives the strong support of the city's ruling class as evidence of the close link that the development of science and culture has with the progress of Milan and the country. It spans a century, the racial laws and the Resistance, boasting Professor Piero Martinetti's famous refusal to swear loyalty to the fascist state. Ancient roots and an eye projected towards the future: one hundred years after its foundation, the foundation stone of the new scientific campus in the MIND area is laid. Here, celebrating the architectural tradition of the ancient Ca' Granda headquarters, it enhances the link with its historical identity within an innovative center of experimentation and contamination of knowledge.