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Great Gold Medal of Memory
A priest who 'did not intend to found anything', as he himself wrote to Pope Wojtyła, but who gathered around his thought a community of faithful from every social and cultural sphere. A passionate educator, animated by the desire to help young people face reality, giving them solid certainties for the spirit. A preceptor of faith, witness of a reasonable Christianity, of a concrete religion that expresses itself in everyday gestures, not just in thought. With his testimony he leaves no one indifferent: even those who are not interested in faith are challenged by a proposal full of meaning. He even finds in music, which he loves, the key to describing the need to form a community, to build a harmonious society, eschewing the temptation of the lonely and self-controlled man, but without denying personal freedom. His is the mission of a lifetime, which began with teaching in Milan and culminated in the creation of a movement, Communion and Liberation, present today in 90 countries around the world and which represents his greatest legacy. More and more alive and solid, 100 years after the birth of its founder.
Gold Medal of Memory
Volcanic, visionary, refined and generous. In 49 years of activity as General Secretary first and then CEO, he guided the growth and international success of the Salone del Mobile in Milan. He was the first to understand the value of design and the furniture sector not only as an expression of the beautiful and well-made, but as a true standard-bearer of Made in Italy that combines research, innovation, production and craftsmanship. His strategic vision, capable of bringing together, in a single meeting moment, small businesses and large leading companies, has made Milan the capital of international design and a true point of reference for anyone who wants to know the trends of design culture . A legacy that continues today and which brings with it the distinctive traits of the most authentic Milanese spirit made of commitment, contamination, culture and attention to innovation.
Affable, kind, loved by the television audience for his polite smile, he began working as a sports journalist and presenter after graduating in Law from the University of Milan and an academic qualification from the Pro Deo State University of New York. Appreciated for his always measured tones and esteemed for his correctness, he links his name to city institutions, as provincial sports councilor and as president of Milanosport. A great AC Milan fan, he was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Rossoneri team. He dedicates himself to every job and assignment, as a journalist, presenter or public administrator, with passion, a spirit of service and intellectual honesty. His gentle figure belongs to the memory of many Italians, but he belongs to Milan with particular affection.
Bewitched by 'flying saucers' during a trip to the United States in 1972, he decided to import them into Italy, becoming a promoter of all his disciplines. It is to him that Frisbee owes its fortune in our country, he who became the first Italian champion as well as founder and president of the Italian Association dedicated to this sport, capable of inspiring with spectacular performances, a source of inspiration for generations of emulators. A generous, lively and eclectic soul, he becomes a point of reference and coach of the Frisbee temple, a meeting and sports place open to everyone in the heart of the park in the Barona district with the first dedicated museum, a training area and a arena where free courses can also be organised. It is thanks to the presence of the structure, for years available to sports enthusiasts of plastic discs, that some of his students manage to conquer the highest peaks of the podium in world competitions.
Determined and combative, but above all a charismatic mother of battles animated by a very strong desire for peace and social justice. She was born in the province of Belluno to an anti-fascist family and as a child she knew the barbarity of fascist persecution. She arrives in Milan to live in the Casoretto neighborhood, working as a worker and engaging as a trade unionist. But more than anything she becomes the soul of a spontaneous movement, "The anti-fascist mothers of Leoncavallo", which was born after the murder of Fausto and Iaio, an episode that profoundly marks her existence. She is involved in social activities, on the side of the poorest and women, she fights against drug dealing and for freedom of information. In the kitchen of the popular canteen that you manage at Leoncavallo, there is always a hot dish and a glass of wine to offer to those who are alone and in difficulty.
A place accessible to everyone where the values ​​of sport combine with those of inclusion. Among its 140 members there are able-bodied, blind and disabled athletes who practice Olympic and Paralympic fencing together. In addition to offering accurate gymnastic preparation, which also becomes an opportunity for growth for mutual exchange between girls and boys with different abilities, it is committed to promoting tournaments, city events and projects with high-value social goals. The culture of discipline, the teaching of rules and physical commitment are linked to respect for others, friendship, fairplay, inclusion, in a sort of sporting welfare. Here then fencing enters hospitals, prisons, day centers, thus promoting an unprecedented educational, training and social exchange.
As a boy, a scout, son of scouts, he planted the first trees in the bare outskirts of Milan for the then nascent Boscoincittà, in the 70s. Since then he has been committed to ensuring that different elements coexist in harmony in the urban landscape of a contemporary city like Milan. He becomes director of the Urban Forestry Center of Italia Nostra and returns tens of hectares of greenery and shade to the citizens, restoring the Cave park and then the Porto di Mare park, giving a new face and a new name to the "drug grove ” by Rogoredo. As an agronomist, with his hands often dirty with earth, he is an advisor to dozens of initiatives for shared greenery. With urban gardens, activities for schools, guided tours for families, he accompanies the Milanese into nature without going out of town and involves them in the protection of plant and animal species. Of course there are no gardens without gardeners.
Its social commitment since 1983 has been dedicated to the well-being of women and led it to create protected reception structures, to allow the management of the most acute and urgent moments of social distress without, therefore, creating isolation. Alongside the residences, she organizes and develops a nursery service for boys and girls aged from six months to three years, to accompany them on their personal journey towards autonomy and socialisation. With an authentic spirit of active citizenship and in synergy with the institutions, she builds various projects to support the lives of children born and raised in difficult contexts, with the aim of increasing community cohesion and well-being. An important and structured support, designed as a transitional service, therefore aimed at promoting the reintegration of women and their sons and daughters into the social context as soon as possible.
Born from the desire of some families to offer their boys and girls suffering from autism and other disabilities opportunities to meet and develop skills and competences, after more than twenty years it continues its activity thanks to the support of volunteers, male and female educators . With tenacity and dedication it pursues the objectives of enhancing the dignity of each person and creating creative spaces that can also become educational and inclusive environments. Thus in 2016 he inaugurated the laboratory space housed in the Casa Solidale headquarters in Villa Filzi, where a project is developed that makes this reality unique: between hand weaving, dyeing of wool and cotton with natural herbs, painting and gardening, children have the extraordinary opportunity to experiment with their individual talent, sharing it with their peers and families.
Active for over 60 years, it constitutes a sporting and social point of reference for the neighborhood. It aims to bring boys and girls closer to the practice of tennis, not with the ambition of churning out champions but with the intention of creating a community of racket enthusiasts. Generations of Milanese, over 4 thousand members from the end of the 50s to today, have stained their shoes on its clay courts, discovering the beauty of tennis and the values ​​that are the basis of every discipline. In 2011 it received the recognition of "Historical Sports Association", thus becoming part of those entities that represent the values ​​and tradition of the City in every sector. Carrying out an important social protection function, it dedicates particular sensitivity and attention to people with disabilities, encouraging and encouraging their participation in sport.
A neighborhood farm, it was born with the desire to bring to Milan the first community to support agriculture, made up of people who cooperate to produce healthy, local food grown through the use of regenerative and eco-sustainable practices, overcoming the clear distinction between manufacturer and customer. It gathers around itself a reality, that of the Vigentino neighborhood, firmly convinced that having access to healthy, organic, zero kilometer food and at reduced prices is not only possible but concretely achievable. Sharing knowledge and good practices, experiencing a relationship with the earth and nature that combines leisure and commitment, are the values ​​underlying his path. Over the years it has implemented solutions to reduce waste linked to unsold products and to redevelop the land by producing quality agriculture.
He is among the first technical graduates to be admitted and graduate in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, after being awarded the best student in high school. Fascinated by innovation, he began his career at Falck, where he followed the creation of modern metalworking systems. His professional life is full of inventions and patents: he develops, among others, a system that revolutionizes textile mechanics, eliminating looms from deafening noises and helping to improve the working conditions of millions of workers around the world. The innovations made in the field of naval propulsion are important, where he becomes a reference figure with the largest number of patents in the field of propeller propulsion. He was responsible for the invention of a revolutionary rudder and a propeller so innovative and unique that it became famous throughout the world.
Point of reference for the neighborhoods of Vialba and Quarto Oggiaro, since 1967 it has hosted initiatives of social, cultural and recreational value. Thanks to the commitment of male and female volunteers, who take turns over the years and are committed to eliminating social exclusion, eliminating inequalities, supporting the weakest, it becomes one of the pillars of the territory thanks to constant initiatives, also in collaboration with others bodies and associations. The recreational activities aimed at the elderly and minors make it a place loved by residents. In fact, over the years, the headquarters in via Lessona became the beating heart of hundreds of projects and just as many moments of aggregation and sociality. The numerous activities proposed represent a precious added value for the neighborhood and an indispensable support for all its users.
His commitment is to build, protect and grow one of the most distinctive sectors of our City, commerce. A point of reference for small and medium-sized companies in the area, it is among the largest and longest-standing business associations in Italy. A solid interlocutor for institutions, social organisations, economic bodies, local and national cultural associations, he helps anyone who already operates or wants to enter the sector. In addition to its commitment to representation, trade union protection, tax and employment assistance, it has always supported its associates in the direct development of the company, with particular attention to the support of young people, the promotion of female entrepreneurship, and the protection of historic workshops. A constant action based on the values ​​of legality, economic and social development in the name of industriousness, solidarity and tenacity.
Born from the will of cultural associations, social bodies, commercial activities and neighborhood committees, since 2005 it has systematised the active energies of the city, creating an increasingly broad network of connections which today see it collaborate with 150 different entities operating in the neighbourhoods. To address the topic of the Milanese suburbs, he creates a new working method, which makes use of the establishment of a Study Center and a Permanent Table at which important local entities sit. It contributes fundamentally to the mapping of the complex articulation of the suburbs in territorial, social and cultural terms, and to the identification of real needs and possible solutions. A constant contribution, aimed at helping city institutions in a fully informed and therefore effective decision-making process, for the benefit of the entire community.
It was born at the end of the nineteenth century, when Crescenzago was still a small municipality, and in over a century of history it has maintained its identity and traditions intact, becoming one of the most loved gangs by the Milanese. Made up of 35 musicians who grew up in its ranks, from generation to generation it becomes a laboratory of culture and a real training ground for hundreds of musicians, who from an early age study and perfect themselves by first learning to be together, forming a single musical body, close-knit and harmonious, like the sound of the instruments. Present with concerts and parades at the most important civil and religious occasions of the city, it accompanies, with performances drawn from a rich repertoire, moments of remembrance and celebration, closing each performance with the notes of "Oh mia bèla Madunina", a tribute to the protector of City, seal and declaration of a stainless Milanese spirit.
For over thirty years it has been committed to supporting people in difficulty and local communities through the financing - with an investment exceeding 3,5 billion euros - of over 35 thousand projects in the fields of art, culture, environment, society and scientific research. A story that has its roots in a two-hundred-year philanthropic tradition and that often crosses the path of the City. With Ricetta QuBì it fights child food poverty, networking over 400 organizations in 25 neighborhoods and providing support measures to over 50 thousand people, half of whom are girls and boys. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she supported the integration of refugees with actions financed, through the Milan Community Foundation, by the #MilanoAiutaUkraine Fund which raised over one million euros.
It is part of the Memorial network, a non-governmental organization founded in Moscow in 1989 by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov and other Soviet dissidents to protect the memory of human rights violations. She immediately became the symbol of glasnost and of a Soviet Union that was not afraid to confront the darkest pages of its past. In Italy, starting from its headquarters in Milan, it works to enrich public reflection on the issues of violence, totalitarianism and illiberal regimes. In a historical moment marked by the aggression against Ukraine and the tightening of repression in Russia against dissidents, of which Memorial has itself been a victim in recent months, the diffusion of conferences, exhibitions and seminars in Italy too are particularly important actions. , the collection of documentation and memories, the study of repression and the protection of civil, human and political rights.
With the aim of strengthening the presence of the Polytechnic in the city and the idea of ​​a more responsible university, attentive to social challenges, open and close to the territories and communities, 'The Construction Site for the Suburbs' opens its first space in 2019 in the popular neighborhood of San Siro. Followed by those in Nolo and San Vittore, while a fourth is on the way inside Cascina Nosedo. There are multiple target audiences and tools used, adapted from time to time based on the needs and requirements of the neighbourhood. From innovative teaching, which aims to develop new knowledge from field work, to responsible research, attentive to inclusiveness in knowledge production processes; from co-planning with local entities, to the activation of services for residents, up to the promotion of a cultural and educational offer specifically aimed at local actors and communities.
A legal practitioner in the world of work, he defends legality by assisting businessmen and women, especially in the most complicated, courageous and difficult choices. Alongside the productive world during the pandemic, it promotes initiatives to combat gangmastering and pirate contracts, supports small and medium-sized businesses in the restart and does not lack proposals for regulatory simplification and for the protection of workers. In Milan it organizes the Labor Festival, bringing together representatives of the government, the economy, professionals, students, collaborates with universities, develops reflections on the future of professions and establishes a literary prize dedicated to labor law themes, promoting the capital of economy and innovation with the culture of work, sustainability and social solidarity.
He dedicates his studies and work to the treatment of neuromotor diseases and the treatment of Infantile Cerebral Palsy, with the aim of improving the lives of girls and boys affected by this pathology and their families. Thanks to her studies and thousands of interventions, she allows many and many to walk again, making the lives of her little patients more independent and happier. Author of publications and treatises, internationally recognized doctor and scholar, after years of studies, specializations and activities abroad, today he is head of the Pediatric Orthopedics and Neuro Orthopedics Operational Unit of the Humanitas Hospital of Rozzano, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan and scientific director of the Ariel Foundation. In his CV you can find, above all, the letters of the many people who he made smile again.
Transforming the boats on which migrants fleeing war, persecution and hunger traveled into musical instruments. From pain to music, from drama to hope. This is the aim of the project born in the Milan - Opera prison, thanks to the collaboration of the highest institutions. It is the people detained who transform a lived and living material, such as the wood from the boats coming from Lampedusa, into violas, violins and cellos, through the violin making and carpentry workshop. The instruments created, which from 2023 will form what will be called Orchestra del Mare, will be loaned to Italian and foreign orchestras to bear witness to the culture of welcome and integration and to remind everyone of the drama that millions of people experience every day in Worldwide. A touching project, with a profound meaning that is at the same time cultural, civil and social testimony.
Teacher in the primary schools of the Barona district, for over fifty years she has dedicated her private life time and cultural skills to the nomad community of the Via Chiesa Rossa camp, dealing with the literacy and social promotion of the little ones, acting as an example morale for adults and helping mothers and women in difficulty. A dedication that leads her to make a unique and extraordinary choice, living in a caravan within the same camp. During your activity as a teacher, you transferred your sensitivity towards the needs of those most subject to social marginalization to the school community and the Sant'Ambrogio neighbourhood. For this reason she is known and appreciated by many, for her commitment and work which for decades have represented a precious contribution to the institutions that deal with the assistance of nomadic communities.
Painter, writer and journalist, Istrian exile, he is a recognized creative in the field of visual communication and at the same time a witness capable of caring for and keeping alive the memory of the Foibe tragedy. His family pays a very high price for the hatred of Tito's communists: seven victims, including Don Angelo Tarticchio, a young priest taken from his rectory on the night of 16 September 1943 and sent to prison together with 43 parishioners. He writes numerous books, for which he receives recognition and literary prizes. His works, paintings and graphics are exhibited in national and international galleries, museums and cultural institutes. For Milan he designed the Monument in memory of the martyrs of the Foibe and the Istrian, Fiuman and Dalmatian exiles, giving the City a splendid work in memory of a dark page in our history, which remained hidden for too many years.
It welcomes, in person and remotely, hundreds of model students eager to apply themselves to their studies and to find themselves year after year with renewed interest in knowledge. An academy for citizens and senior citizens, identical in every way to that of children and grandchildren, except for the exams at the end of the semester, all of which were automatically passed. Born by will of the Cardinal, former Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Colombo, in forty years of activity it has allowed thousands of elderly women and men to recover the studies left behind in their youth and cultivate new ones, with a broad and high-level training offer made up of 56 courses and 7 workshops. Thanks to numerous illustrious collaborations with university professors, economists, jurists, writers and theologians, it confirms its vocation as a permanent cultural institution and a place for sharing and socializing.
Gold Medals
Born and raised between the popular neighborhoods of San Siro and Giambellino, he owes his first popularity to the mask of the 'terrunciello', a bully with a southern accent who evokes and honors his origins and tells the story of the phenomenon of great immigration from the South. career, reveals a dramatic streak and the ability to go through all acting registers. He received many awards, up to the Oscar with 'Mediterraneo' by Gabriele Salvatores, marking an artistic history that began in the golden years of the Derby, adopted as lighting technician by I Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli and privileged spectator of Jannacci's rehearsals , Boldi, Faletti, Cochi & Renato. Self-taught, showman, lover of AC Milan and Milan. An all-round showman, he made forays into the world of publishing, writing the autobiographical 'Eccezzziunale truly'. Two iconic words for entire generations.
Protagonist of the economic, social and political life of the country for over sixty years, he puts his vision, relationship and analysis skills of current problems at the service of the entrepreneurial fabric in order to identify and build solutions. And he does it even in the most difficult moments of the pandemic emergency, offering a decisive contribution. After having worked in many companies in Italy and America, in 1965 he founded the Ambrosetti management consultancy company and was the first to understand how important permanent updating was. International entrepreneurs, heads of state and the scientific and economic community began to meet around him and his work in an ever-profitable exchange of knowledge and reflections. In 1975 the first Ambrosetti Forum took place in Cernobbio with headquarters in Villa d'Este, the 2023 edition will be the fiftieth of an event that is still essential today.
President of the San Marco Solidarity Center, he is dedicated to supporting fragile and marginalized people. Thanks to tenacious dedication, strong humanity and civic sense, the Center offers welcome and hospitality while also promoting the social and work reintegration of those in difficulty. Always careful to defend the rights of those who do not have adequate economic and cultural means, she is also a talented social entrepreneur: she creates Floralia, the charity fair that colors the streets of Brera with flowers every spring, now one of the indispensable traditions of the Milanese. Her human and professional qualities lead her to weave a virtuous network among the many communities and associations dedicated to helping the vulnerable, demonstrating a very Milanese attitude: that of knowing how to create a community in a hard-working and concrete way, beyond any difference .
From his first shift in the hospital he wanted to transform ward work: from a set of tasks to a profession based on personal care. She is a nurse, researcher, teacher, founder of a school of thought. You write, in practice and theory, 70 years of history of nursing in Italy, attributing to it an autonomy based on scientific preparation and organizational skills and making possible the birth of the professional order community. At the helm of the University School of Nursing at the University of Milan for a quarter of a century, she teaches how technical skills can humanize the care of those who suffer and support the daily work of over 450 thousand Italian nurses. For this reason, she received, Honoris Causa, a degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences which also exists thanks to her passionate commitment.
Inside and outside the institutions, he never stops fighting for the affirmation of civil liberties and human rights. With his example and his battles he gives a voice to those who have none, becoming an inspiration for many and stimulating the involvement of those - especially among the younger ones - who have lost interest in public affairs. It makes non-violent civil disobedience a tool to awaken collective conscience and to stimulate Parliament to fill the legislative gaps that still exist regarding the end of life, in the belief that everyone must be "free to the end" to self-determine. He is committed to renewing public participation processes and free access to information. To broaden democratic representation, it promotes the introduction of digital tools in the collection of signatures for referendums and popular initiative bills.
He spends years, going from one medical luminary to another, to discover the name of his enemy, multiple sclerosis. Since then he begins to fight with the desire and goal of being stronger than his destiny. She was born artistically as a dancer but, forced to leave dance, she studied as an actress. To tell the story of her life, she also becomes a writer and excites the audience by taking to the stage and stating that she is not her illness. She arrives on the Sanremo stage to bring a cry of pain but above all a message of strength and hope. Since 2001 she has been a testimonial for the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association, to which she donated part of the proceeds of her autobiography, which later became a theatrical comedy. A tenacious and sensitive woman, with joy and determination she is a source of inspiration for those who fight against this and other pathologies every day.
An expert in national and international taxation, he has carried out his professional activity in Milan since 1973. Committed to social issues, he is an active part of the Prospero Moise Loira Foundation Humanitarian Society, of which he became President in 2017. In this role he promotes study forums, training courses and leisure activities with the aim of enhancing the dissemination and transfer of knowledge and contributing to the cultural development of society. With the advent of the pandemic crisis, its precious commitment to reducing every possible form of inequality is concentrated on helping families in economic difficulty, with the establishment of a solidarity fund for the most needy, with the creation of scholarships and with the donation of computers to schools to give all male and female students the opportunity to access DAD.
Emblem of Milan's hospitality and openness to the world, for forty years he was maître and protagonist of the success of the Principe di Savoia, one of the most renowned places of hospitality in the city. With professionalism and competence it receives generations of tourists arriving from every corner of the world. With his advice he accompanies some of the most important international personalities including, in 2000, Queen Elizabeth II of England. Over the course of his long and passionate career, his name is inextricably linked to Milan, working for some of the city's leading hotels and restaurants. His skills make him a central figure in the world of high-level hospitality, his teaching serves as an example and guide for many young people who choose to embark on the same career as him.
In a forty-year career, with revolutionary intuitions and visionary creativity, she has managed to innovate the world of ready-to-wear with the aim of enhancing the personality of all women, regardless of age, size or style. In her collections she gives life to democratic and inclusive fashion, also anticipating attention to environmental sustainability. An expression of Made in Italy in the world, you remain linked to the city of Milan, committing yourself to public art and the valorisation of the territory. Hers is a journey alongside women which she also expresses through important social battles: from awareness raising initiatives on the healing opportunities offered by reconstructive surgery for women affected by breast cancer, to work reintegration projects for prisoners, up to the campaign against feminicides and gender violence.
Classical music, rock and blues coexist in his repertoire. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, he contributes to consolidating Milan's reputation as an attractive center for artists from all over the world. A refined author, he founded the Premiata Fonderia Marconi, with which he gave the public unmistakable sounds. With De André, he participates in the creation of masterpieces such as Crêuza de mä and Le Nuvole. He founded the "Officine Meccaniche" recording studio on the Navigli, where the greatest musicians of all time passed through. In 2009, his song "Domani" was performed by over 50 artists for the project that will allow an important donation for the reconstruction of the Conservatory and the headquarters of the Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo, after the devastating earthquake in L'Aquila. Capable of leaving his mark with notes, he also does so as a sensitive and participatory citizen, putting art at the service of collective causes.
Tireless promoter of culture, gastronomy and music. A past as an opera singer, lover of Italy and the United States, since 2015, on the occasion of Expo, she has been ambassador of Chicago to Milan with the aim of uniting the two cities. In 2009 you promoted the project “Waiting for… Milan rewards young people” to award scholarships to young people studying in the fields of art and cooking. For the 200th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt, she coordinates the fundraising to restore and bring back the grand piano, a magnificent Steinway, donated to the Teatro alla Scala by the musician's heirs. You are a member of the Milan Commission of the Sister Cities International and of the board of the Loyola University Museum of Arts: it is the first time for the two institutions, diplomatic and cultural, that a non-American person has joined them.
Among the most authoritative authors on customs, fashion and society for the Corriere della Sera, he observes Milan and its habits with an attentive and sagacious gaze and is capable of telling it through the individual stories of men and women which he transforms into collective life experiences. In 2020 she published her first book 'La Milanese', followed two years later by the second volume. It is a true homage to the City, an ironic, non-obvious and never rhetorical story from which emerges the energy and the ability to anticipate fashions and styles, together with the spirit of solidarity that is always present but never ostentatious. She is involved in the social field, she is part of the promoting committee of Convivio Milano, a fashion and solidarity event that promotes fundraising for Anlaids every year. Among the founders of the blog 'La27Ora', she has always been at the forefront in promoting gender equality and raising public awareness against femicide.
An internationally renowned doctor and clinical pharmacologist, he founded in Milan one of the first and most important centers dedicated to the study of metabolic pathologies at greatest risk of atherosclerosis. The Paoletti Center, now the Dyslipidemia Center of the Grand Niguarda Metropolitan Hospital, is a point of reference in Europe for clinical and scientific activity in this field and follows approximately 8 thousand patients. At the University of Milan, he was first full professor of Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, then, from 2006 to 2012, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. He is president of the Italian Society for the Study of Arteriosclerosis and founded the Italian Society of Nutraceuticals. He is also a prolific author with over 700 scientific publications, of which over 400 published in prestigious international medical and biology journals.
A man of institutions, in his long career in the service of the State he has dealt with the fight against organized crime and protection of the territory, distinguishing himself as a point of reference for the defense of legality. With courage and self-sacrifice he faces some of the most dramatic national emergencies, the L'Aquila earthquake, the Viareggio disaster, the Ligurian and Tuscan floods, the earthquake in Emilia Romagna. Prefect of Milan since August 2013, he has established a strong bond with the City, going through crucial moments such as Expo 2015: his contribution is decisive for the global success of the Exhibition which will be a driving force for the development of Milan in the following years. His commitment to the City continues today as President of the European Library of Information and Culture Foundation, where he is preparing to accompany a long-awaited project, the transformation and relaunch of the entire Porta Vittoria area.
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milan and director of the Department of Pediatrics of the Buzzi Children's Hospital, he works during the most acute phase of the pandemic to coordinate the creation of the Operations Center dedicated to patients discharged after hospitalization for Covid-19, with the aim of easing the pressure on hospitals and continuing to support those in need. During the restart phase after the lockdown, he is among the promoters of pediatric screening to search for Coronavirus antibodies in children, to draw a picture of the contagion, even asymptomatic, and encourage safer and more constant school attendance. He successfully leads the group of researchers who develop the first Italian non-invasive saliva tests, which will then be used in all schools in the Region, confirming Milanese excellence in the field of research.