Milan, rural metropolis

The primary sector had great importance in the territory of Milan until the expansion of the city in the post-war period, when growing urbanization and the strengthening of the main infrastructural and technological arteries reduced the extension of the agricultural lands located within the boundaries of the Municipality.

In recent times, however, these same factors have contributed to bringing companies closer to metropolitan life through diversification, multifunctionality and the offering of new services. In parallel with the development of Expo 2015, cultural events and initiatives have come to life within the walls and fields surrounding the city. And there are more and more frequent agritourisms and educational farms that establish an active relationship with citizens in the name of education, hospitality and direct sales.

Today, more than ever, the theme of agriculture in Milan is developed through a multidisciplinary approach that concerns production, economic, social and environmental aspects. The farmhouses that dot the agricultural landscape do not limit themselves to tracing a historical testimony. Instead, they represent the sign of a necessary change that manifests itself in the renewed desire to enjoy the territory, its values ​​and its products.

Updated: 06/10/2023