Milan Green Week 2023

What do the numbers tell us?

Six days, 350 events, 30.000 people involved. Milan Green Week 2023 was a success!  

  • There were over 100 workshops of all types: from the most creative ones to learn anti-waste recipes or creative reuse techniques, to technical tables dedicated to greenery, biodiversity, environmental sustainability and tree care. Many of these have addressed the issue of climate change with awareness and concrete proposals.
  • The 50 events dedicated to children demonstrated the importance of teaching them to care for the environment through lightheartedness and curiosity. Throughout the week, the children participated in workshops, games and animated readings amidst the nature of the city.
  • More than 30 activity proposals instead had the mission of spreading care for the common good with demonstrative actions such as the cleaning of rivers, parks and neighborhoods, the maintenance and design of parks, new green areas and upcoming plantings.  

Other events in the program also include numerous exhibitions, guided tours, initiatives dedicated to sport, horticulture and gardening workshops.

The Councilor for the Environment and Greenery Elena Grandi thanked the 140 organizers who, coordinated by the Department, implemented the bottom-up initiatives:

"This year Green Week was really rich in content, beautiful and very popular.
Thanks to the citizens, associations, committees, universities, libraries, museums, organizations and companies who made it possible.
Special thanks also go to all the participants and speakers of the many conferences, who demonstrated great skills and a genuine interest in topics fundamental to the future of our city: from climate change to extreme meteorological events, from greenery to landscape, from water to the ground, to the trees, to biodiversity.
What Green Week has left us is a great wealth of ideas and projects, many of which we have already started working on. 
This is the true meaning of our Green Week. 


No Parking Day

What if there were less parking?
What can an asphalt rectangle turn into?
What if there was a vegetable garden here, a place to read, a space to meet?   

These are the questions that inspired the No Parking Day which was held in Milan on 24 September. 
Nine streets of the city were cleared of vehicles and closed to traffic to allow workshops, games, music, shows and many other moments of education or entertainment.
A day to rethink and redesign the city, made to measure for people.

Part of Environment Forum, the 2022 green week was a rich schedule of 300 events with free events to experience throughout the city including extraordinary openings, meetings, talks, exhibitions, presentations, guided tours, excursions, workshops, games, discovering the greener side of Milan.
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Updated: 25/10/2023